Bitcoin and Ethereum are in competition in terms of daily transactions

April 20, 2020 by Antoine

According to the data analysis of Messari, society for the study of data, Blockchain, Ethereum saves, on average, a transaction volume of $ 1.5 billion , a value that compares closely with that of Bitcoin.

Ethereum goes up the slope

Although Bitcoin has maintained a more or less stable in terms of transactions on its network since the end of the crypto-winter, it seems that Ethereum has significantly increased its performance by going up little by little the slope during the last two years.
According to the figures published in the report of the Messari, the second largest crypto-currency in the world, Ethereum, and is especially spent $ 115 million per day in 2018 to $ 1.5 billion today, is the same as the network BTC is currently recording.

A better ratio of transaction per second for Ethereum

Between Bitcoin and Ethereum, the battle rages on all fronts, whether at the level of the overall volume of transactions but also at the level of the performance of TPS (Transaction per second). Nevertheless, the latter presents some bias in its efforts to measure.
In-depth, Ethereum takes the biscuit, with a treatment of 9 transactions per second vs. 3 for the Bitcoin. Note, however, that the two platforms have experienced a counter-performance notable at this level, knowing that the GST of Ethereum in 2018 was the culmination of 15, while those of Bitcoin was recorded to be 4.7.
In sum, the marketing approaches of the two networks remain very different, and recent developments of the Ethereum seem to be bearing fruit through results of these transaction volumes. On the other hand, Ethereum is more active in development of protocol with 99 developers monthly, against 47 for Bitcoin.
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