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Key facts:

Despite the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto communicated with others since 2008, nothing is known of him.The creator of Bitcoin has a wallet with almost 1 million of BTC that has not been movido.De Satoshi Nakamoto, we know rather little. Despite being the creator (or group of creators) of Bitcoin, Nakamoto is simply an enigma egregious. Despite the fact that we are in the era of information, all the movements on the Internet leave a trace, and the identity of users is often compromised at a certain level, Satoshi continues to be an entity completely anonymous.Despite this reality, in the more than 10 years of history that already has Bitcoin, several people have been identified as possible Satoshis. The list includes a number of different profiles, and in this article we will share with you several of the main suspects of being Nakamoto.

Candidates to Satoshi


Some of the main suspects embody Satoshi were members of the mailing list of cypherpunks, a group of activists from privacy and cryptography, were referenced in the White paper of Bitcoin or participated very early. We talk about Nick Szabo, Wei Dai, and Hal Finney.Szabo is one of the leading vocal, more visible in the community and one of the pioneers in terms of the concept of digital money and decentralized contracts smart. The developer and cryptographer u.s. in addition created a type of digital money very similar to Bitcoin, called Bit gold, although some time before the solution, Nakamoto known. He himself has refused on numerous occasions to be Satoshi.In the case of Dai, who also created a similar product with B-Money, is similar to Bitcoin. Despite the fact that he has denied in several occasions these assumptions, your relationship early and directly with Bitcoin has led to it being suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto. His work is one of the few documents cited as sources in the White paper, Nakamoto, and there are large similarities between one and another. However, according to Dai and the developer and cryptographer Adam Back, Satoshi had no knowledge of the project, Dai.

I understand that the creator of Bitcoin, known by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, didn’t even read my article before you re-invent the idea himself. He learned later, and I credited in your document. Then my connection with the project is quite limited.Wei Dai, cryptographer, and developer

Finally, Hal Finney, who we can consider as the first bitcoiner. Finney, cryptographer, who had worked in a number of major projects before getting involved with Bitcoin, followed the project since it had knowledge of him. In fact, he was the one who received the first transaction from the network, when Nakamoto sent him 10 BTC. Finney also denied these suspicions, before a degenerative disease will fulminara. It is currently criogenizado.

Dorian Nakamoto

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto is one of the most well known faces of Bitcoin, and this by the mere fact of having the same name as the author in the White paper of the criptomoneda. Despite the fact that Dorian has also worked as a consultant for the u.s. government and other projects, this is not Nakamoto.Dorian Nakamoto to show their id in an interview to Channel 4 News / youtube.comTodo the imbroglio was due to an article published by Newsweek in 2014. In the article it was pointed out to him as the creator of Bitcoin from a misunderstanding. Supposedly Dorian Nakamoto would have stated that he was not working with Bitcoin, but an explanatory post on the subject pointed out that referred to his work as a consultant for the government. The interview was conducted by journalist Leah McGrath Goodman. Dorian Nakamoto you were frozen their bank accounts, and the original user of the creator of Bitcoin at the Foundation P2P went out to the passage of these accusations, noting that he was not Dorian Nakamoto.

Paul Calder Le Roux

But Nakamoto has not been linked only with geeks and cypherpunks, also with criminals. Such is the case of Paul Calder Le Roux, who is repsonsable of the creation of software cryptographic E4M and TrueCrypt. According to a research, Le Roux is the author of a project extremely similar to Bitcoin, but it was released a decade before the White paper, Nakamoto, that is to say, in 1998.An item that gives some support to this theory is that Le Roux is in prison since 2012, exactly the year in which Nakamoto stopped its activity related to Bitcoin. His name jumped to the fore in the midst of the legal dispute between David Kleiman and Craig Wright, who has claimed, without evidence, to be the real Nakamoto. Wirght assured that, if disclosed, could face reprisals criminal, related with Le Roux. In addition, you have an alias similar to “Solotshi” and is familiar both with the cryptography as the language of computer programming in C++.

Bilal Khalid

The last “candidate” in addition to the list was the course developer, Bilal Khalid. This subject would have generated a significant buzz prior to its disclosure, the whole time that some means of communication outlined that Satoshi Nakamoto in person was going to reveal, just before the announcement of Khalid.Remember that Ivy McLemore, a specialist in marketing and public relations, announced that the “visionary” creator of this criptomoneda would be revealed to the public and also would to know some details like its origin, his academic training and the reasons why that has not moved or one of the bitcoins that are in your wallet. Recall that a wallet associated with Satoshi Nakamoto contains 980.000 bitcoins.Despite this announcement and the small commotion that was caused at the beginning, the attempt of Khalid was just an anecdote. In fact, Ricardo Spagni, developer of the altcoin focused on privacy, Monero (XMR), gave the lie to this “revelation”.The developer of Monero explained that Khalid lied with regard to the “origin” of the name “Bitcoin”. The course Nakamoto would have said that it was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, although according to the evidence of Spagni, Khalid registered an account with the support of BCCI Group, whose description on their website, it was really Blue-Chip International (BCCI). Khalid would have forged their evidence.

Other possible Nakamoto

It has even been suggested that, given that it is not known if Satoshi Nakamoto is a person or group of persons, including the National Security Agency (NSA) could be related to the creation of Bitcoin, as they would have worked in a similar solution. This thesis has been suggested and argued from the views of a specialist in cyber security and privacy, Edward Snowden.It is fair to say that while Craig Wright has said that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, in repeated opportunities, until now, has not been able to verify this, being pointed out as a “fraud” by a number of major spokesmen of Bitcoin through social networks. Wright has failed in the verification of his claim to have not given any test cryptographic consistent.As we have seen, the list of possible or suspected Satoshis is long. Up to now, more than 10 years after the emergence of Bitcoin, the author of this powerful solution to the problem of double-spending of digital cash still remains in the anonymity, and the protocol continues to work, as 99.98% of the time since the creation of their block genesis.