Bitcoin and the Lightning node’s Casa gets a new look

Today, we present you Casa, is a new version of their hardware product. It’s not a plug-n-play ” node and for the people who would like to participate in the network of bitcoin.

Casa Of Node 2

In the Casa of the Node 2 is the successor of the first product in september of 2018 shall be placed on the market.
It is much faster and has a better processor in the Raspberry Pi is a 4 by 4 GB of RAM and up to 1tb of SSD. The productje is placed in a new enclosure that will be about the same size as the previous version.
Furthermore, launcht and Casa, the new version of the NodeOS, with a re-design of the User Interface. It has also a “dark mode” option. With the new software on the node is also in the BTCPayServer. This is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor.
You can have Bitcoin make up the node to run it. This can be done in conjunction with the Sats, App and the Final App.
The regular price for the monthly subscription fee of $399 (us). Until the 1st of november the cost of the Gold Membership (for current subscribers) to $300 per year. The pre-orders this month, and still get the same discount.

Bitcoin network

The node (e.g., Casa) to help them to set up the network of bitcoin is to be maintained. This is, incidentally, also be the Lightning Network (LN), and thus it is not only the mainchain of bitcoin.
A node validates the transaction, and checks to see if it’s real or all in accordance with the policies and procedures is progressing. There are both in the mainchain, or to a sidechain of nodes. It’s actually a copy of the ledger containing all of the (encrypted) transaction.
The more nodes there are, the more decentraler the network. In the past it was always a very, very complex and technical to create a node to run it. However, with the plug-n-play products including Casa, there is a certain degree of user-friendliness in the market.
It is easy to see that since the inception of the first Casa-Lightning it is necessary in september 2018, the number of nodes IN the steady rise of the app.

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