Bitcoin back at$ 10,000 at the day of halving

The price of bitcoin (BTC) exceeded the barrier of us $ 10,000 during the night of Thursday, seven of may, only four days of the occurrence of the third halving or reduction in the issuance of currency in your system. The quote of the criptomoneda reached this milestone for the first time since the 19 of February of this year, when it marketed around the 10.186 dollars per unit, according to service records At the time of publishing this article your quote is 10.016 dollars, in accordance with the price index of Breaking News, with a market capitalization exceeding 182.000 millions of dollars and a dominance of 67% in comparison with the rest of the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin came back to break the barrier of $ 10,000 this Thursday, seven of may. Source: Messari. The closeness of the halving would be focusing on the rise of bitcoin whose emission will pass 12.5 BTC per block mined, to 6.25 BTC, which represents a cut of 50% on the incentives that miners receive, check and record transactions in the network. In the last 24 hours the price of bitcoin has appreciated a 9,02%, with the rest of the cryptocurrencies also gaining ground this Thursday. Ether (ETH) is marketed in 212,99 dollars per unit (2,13%), XRP is a mutual exchange to 0,218374 dollars per unit (0.17 per cent), bitcoin cash (BCH), a rise of 1,28% for a price of 253 dollars and Bitcoin VS keeping your quote in 209 dollars.

On the rise since its precipitous fall

The price of bitcoin trended upward since it fell to less than $ 4,000 on the 12th of march, a day that is now known in the world of cryptocurrencies as “black Thursday”, as the price plummeted over 40% after the World Health Organization ordered by pandemic due to the spread of the coronavirus. From that rock bottom, almost two months ago, bitcoin shows a significant recovery despite the global economic situation that’s already evidence of negative numbers by quarantines widespread and economies semiparalizadas in most of the countries. On the 29th of April Breaking News reported that the first criptomoneda had broken the barrier of us $ 8,000, with which practically recovered the 100% of the losses of march. As well as the closeness of the halving would be pushing the price of bitcoin to rise, historical data show that the price could go back after this event to occur. It is important to remember that the reduction in the emission of currency occurs every 210,000 blocks the network Bitcoin or approximately every four years,. Three analysts consulted by this newspaper on march 22, pointed out that the behavior of bitcoin in these months will show higher levels of volatility, and a global economic downturn could affect to the low price.

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