Bitcoin back over $ 6,000, pulling himself away from the Dow Jones and gold

About a week ago, we were sitting at the 3.850 dollars and now bitcoin is the limit of 6.400 dollars again, ever. In the course of more than 17 per cent in the past 24 hours. However, the growth rate of the stock market and gold, today is a let down.

A strong recovery from its fall in march

Here you can see the price development of bitcoin, from February through to the present day. At the beginning of February, there seemed to be nothing in the hand, and stood up in the stock price above $ 10,000. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the corona virus has made bitcoin a whole bunch to the 3.850 us dollars. As of Monday 16th of march, the share price of the world, and since that time has been bitcoin, with more than 36 per cent increased in value!
Check out the live bitcoin exchange rate on the chart (below), click on:

Bitcoin picks from all of the markets

As bitcoin is rising, it will continue to other markets in the back. The chart below shows the price action of bitcoin (in green), as compared to the price of the Dow Jones futures are up (green), and gold (gold, gold). Since the 18th of march, is bitcoin growing rapidly.
The gold moves, so it is still with the U.s. stock market, but bitcoin chooses to relax in his own way. Is bitcoin still in the uncorrelated asset, and we are all hoping for?

We have to make each and every day, which we are also in the race, and the latest treatment. Today’s video is about the geldpersmachines of the European Central Bank and the Federal reserve. Check out the video below and we hope to see you on here.

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