Bitcoin ban by Trump? – A former security adviser to grabs

Donald J. Trump and John R. Bolton were once good friends. A few months ago Bolton served as national security adviser in the Cabinet of Trump. After some internal disputes and disagreements with Trump Bolton acknowledged, however, his service. In a few days, on 23. June, will now appear in a book by John R. Bolton, which deals with some of the internals of the White house. The topic of Bitcoin is cut here also.

How, and in what context, you can find out in this article.

Bitcoin ban by Donald Trump?

In the past, it became clear that the 45. President of the United States currencies, as no friend of Crypto. So Trump said in July 2019, he think that crypto-currencies have no intrinsic value. In addition to their high volatility, and the promotion of illegal activities.

In the context of this tweet, the President also said that he thought nothing of the Facebook-Coin Libra. In his opinion, there would only be the US Dollar as the only true currency. How serious is Donald, it is Trump, but is actually meant to show excerpts of the book of John Bolton.

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John Bolton describes his view of things

The book with the title “The Room where it happened” (dt. the room in which it happened) is on 23. June appear. Whether it will actually happen, at this time in the stars. This is due to an injunction of the U.S. Department of justice is. The book contains content that are classified as secret and was not therefore suitable for publication.

Current statements available to the Washington examiner (see source), shows that Trump gave to his Minister of Finance, Steve Mnnuchin obviously, the statement, to hunt the crypto-currency Bitcoin/track. Accordingly, the statement was obviously “go after bitcoin and curb the trading and selling of the largest cryptocurrency.”

In English, this would probably translate:

Follow Bitcoin and cabinets to the trade and the Sale of the largest crypto-currency.

The big question in this context is, of course, whether John Bolton is the actual wording and whether the scenarios really happened. You look at the history of Tweets from Trump, you would at least get the impression that the President is no Fan of Bitcoin.

On the other hand, the United States has recognized, of course, that crypto-currencies are not a pure Hype and a positive regulation is needed. A growing industry and the industry stands behind it so that the “Job – and a Dealmaker,” Donald Trump has certainly an interest in the continued existence and growth of the company within the United States.

Can you imagine that it would come to a Bitcoin ban?

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