Bitcoin ban wave for YouTube: block trainer channel deleted

The Bitcoin and crypto-ban wave on YouTube in the next round. The biggest Video – Streaming platform has started a few days ago, with a series of deletions of the various Bitcoin and crypto Videos and channels. Many well-known YouTuber came under the wheels — often for inexplicable reasons. Unfortunately, it has also caught our friend and comrade-in-arms — The block trainer (novel).What exactly is happening and what you can do to support block trainer, and other Youtubers, their channels have been deleted?

The block trainer YouTube channel has been deleted

A few months ago YouTube started to remove some Videos from crypto-Youtubers. Back then, it was but comparatively harmless. It has been removed, either individual Videos or only warnings. However, this Time the location is deleted to be a lot more serious — all the channels of some of the YouTuber have been within seconds and without warning completely.Very hard hit to our friend the block trainer. He has already spent several years working intensively on his YouTube channel, in order to offer newcomers and other Interested parties with a free crypto-education platform to schools and to interact with others. This novel has always provided it respected, valuable information to apply without any dubious third-party. For Roman the Community and spectators is always the top priority.The Situation at the block, coach channel on YouTube has escalated, as a Live Stream with the title “LIVE: profits, it was announced 150€ in Bitcoin, the block trainer-Easter special!”. This Video was still warns before the Start of YouTube. As a result, the block trainer has changed the title to “Easter Special competition”. YouTube has not hesitated for a long time, and not only the advertised Video on the block trainer deleted, but his entire channel with countless hours of free material for Bitcoin, Blockchain and crypto-currencies.

Bitcoin and Blockchain education must remain censorship free

The assumption is that the YouTube algorithm has responded to the Keywords “gambling gains” in connection with Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. The could play, especially on the wave of Fake YouTube Livestream Videos for a profit contexts. In the process, well-known names and personalities are taken out of the Crypto Space, investors currencies, the Crypto to pull out the Wallets.Nevertheless, the behavior of YouTube is covered at this point completely. A further warning with a more detailed explanation would be enough to completely. The block trainer has already been reported in the case of YouTube, even over different ways to go to get to the bottom of. We all very much hope that one of the most important Influencers in the German-speaking Crypto Space to pursue his Hobby and work and with valuable Content you can provide.Especially in times of Corona, where many people are at home, isolated and finally have time to learn about Bitcoin, Blockchain and crypto-currencies. Education must never fall to censorship. We from the entire crypto Monday Team the procedure from YouTube to criticize at this point sharp. We are also intensified attacks on our website victim to our YouTube channel to like, but until now has remained unaffected.

You can do that!

At the current time as a Community we have, unfortunately, less room, to help block trainer. The only thing that remains to us of this unjust behavior of YouTube is to criticize, and to inform others about it.You can go to the actual post on Twitter from the block trainer like and comment. This may perhaps increase to help the attention to this case, and move to YouTube for faster Action.

There have already published several German-speaking crypto-YouTuber a Statement and called that the channel is made of block trainer again. Our Anchorman Mirco has taken in a YouTube Video about this position.We ask all of you here to support. Here it is not just about that single YouTuber is partially in front of the financial and year-long work is dissipated within a few seconds in the air, but we are independent of the educational channels need, the about the importance of Bitcoin and decentralized technologies to enlighten. We stay at the story, of course, more to it, keep you informed and hope that the nightmare will soon end.Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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