Bitcoin Billionaires movie is in the works by, among others, Winklevoss twins, the BTC Immediately

Greg Silverman, of Stampede Ventures, and is working with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss to create a film adaptation of the book of Bitcoin Billionaires. This is a book written by Ben Mezrich and is to be released in 2019 at the latest. It is the story of the Winklevoss twins and the first bitcoin billionaires were made.

Mezrich’s first book, the Winklevoss twins will be called The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding, or Facebook, and it was the basis for the David Fincher film The Social Network [2010]. It told the story of how Harvardstudent Mark Zuckerberg’s idea of the twins ‘ own, and turned it into Facebook. The result was a legal battle between the twins and Facebook.

After Facebook

In the Bitcoin Billionaires, writes Mezrich about the Winklevoss twins. This time, he tells the story of what had happened to the twins that their legal battle with Facebook, and the computer ended up.

This is on the back cover of the book

“When Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg have been sued, they soon find out that in business no one is in want for fear of the Facebook giant against the in the suit of armour to hunt. During a holiday in Ibiza you will find the answer to their problems: investing in the cryptogeld. At the moment, it is only in the world of currencies, with this currency are still rare, and sinister. However, the brothers are learning quickly and realizing that cryptogeld, or a large hit is going to be full of crap, it will turn out to be. It is, therefore, nothing more than a chance to go for it.’

“The silk road”, to the halls of the trade fair: Bitcoin Billionaires will take you in an amazing, wild ride, and it shines a bright light on the economic, seductive tomorrow. In 2017, were, Tyler, and Cameron’s first bitcoin billionaires. This is their story.’

The lucky stage

Silverman, about the movie:

“I do not know Him, and He has for many years. This past summer, my son, Caleb, the good fortune to be in the Winklevoss Capital will participate in a mandatory walk, and the twins had shared an early copy of the Bitcoin Billionaires are with him.

Caleb and I have got the book back and forth to be exchanged, on a summer trip, and devoured it in a couple of days. After we were both clear on the story, which, in combination with Ben’s amazing writing, to be suitable for the unique film.’

“This is Rocky II, usa, Wall Street, and in a world that is full of unique and charming characters.’

Because of the limitations as a result of the corona virus, it might not be realistic for this year, though, a film can be expected. However, if the film is just as often viewed as the break-up of The Social Network, the reputation of crypto in a way.

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