Bitcoin (BTC) continues to be around the $8.360 hang of 12,000 hodlers become a millionaire by BTC

In this ochtendupdate, we have four, the latest news on Bitcoin and collected. Of course, we’ll start with the price, and the price is a great statistiekje about Bitcoin millionaires. Any further news about the donation in BTC to the Hong Kong Free Press.

1. Bitcoin (BTC) price list

At the time of this writing, the cost of a BTC is about $8.360. This is 0.95% lower than the day before, and 2,27% higher than the previous weekend.
The rule of BTC, there are still about 66%. It sinks in slowly and back off a little, but a altseason, it is certainly not the case. A month ago, it was the dominance of 70%.

2. Bitcoin millionaire

Maybe you have ever dreamed of. Bitcoin is going to be a ATH to you, and you can spend the cash so you don’t have to work with. However, there are a lot of people for whom this dream has already come true.
Willy Woo will share it on twitter, and a graph (s) of the Coinmetrics), in which it is clear that at this time, at 12,000 Bitcoin millionaires are. This number is simply calculated by dividing the dollar value by the number of unique address count.
It shows how little Bitcoin actually is. Compared to the 36.000.000 classics on our our globe earth, are that ” we ” as a Bitcoin holder, there’s still a bit early on.

3. Donations to the Hong Kong

Earlier in the week and was able to find out that Bitcoin is in Hong Kong, in a good way, turned out to be. A bank run is to put the protesters, the banks will be under pressure.
They are, in fact, a bank is that the payment of certain of the rebels, shut down is going to be the situation in the region deteriorated.
The volume of the LocalBitcoin in Hong Kong has increased remarkably. BTC has been in this kind of situations are perfect for use as a currency. This is because it is difficult to stop.
This is also the main reason for Hong Kong’s Free Press for donations in BTC to be received. Previously held BitPay, a donation will still be for a long period of time, but with the BTCPay, it is a good solution for this.
In the comments on the tweet, to make use of the BottlePay application for small amounts of money to donate.

4. BTC’s perspective

It’s twitter, for example ChartsBTC there is not need to some of the graphs on BTC, but to share with you. In the tweet, you’ll see that the “ages” for 2012-2015 and 2016-2019, in a single graph.
In the first two years of this period have been very good years. The last two are (historically) what the bottom. Is 2021 and the history books as the “golden age” of Bitcoin?

5. Bitcoin Journal #12

You’re in the last week, not too many online yet? Listen to our latest episode of the Bitcoin News that we’re catching up on all that BTC has to do.

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