Bitcoin (BTC) has a hard cap of 21 million units, but that’s all.

One of the strengths of Bitcoin is that it is the maximum amount of cryptovaluta from the foundation of the protocol is subject to change.
The maximum supply is 21 million BTC, and this is one of the so-called prohibited changes. However, there are almost 18 million bitcoin in circulation, and the start of scarcity a greater role to play.


Bitcoin 21 million in stock

But this stock is not in one way or another (wrongly) to be more?
Eric Wall, cryptoexpert, leave it in the tweet will see that there is no way to prevent the supply of BTC is to grow. He believes that the use of cryptocurrencies, in the vein of broad money.

Broad money is money in any form, including bank or other deposits, like bank notes, and coins.

The money will be shown in a different unit with the letter M.
M0monetary base or base money-the total amount of banknotes and coins, and the reserves that banks keep with the central bank.
The M1: civil money includes an electronic money, and demand deposits.
M2: ‘intermediate money’. This is the M1 plus short-term time deposits
The M3: this is the most space and money. This is M2 plus repurchase agreements (repurchase agreements), shares in investment funds and short term debt instruments.
The M0 is also known as digital money is referred to, and you can see the M3 as the broadest of money. Eric Wall, see, it is possible that BTC is in the M3 aggregate in that area.

He does not have to stretch your supply, in your code, but it doesn’t fully cover, certain types of financial products.
Coinbase gives its customers the ability to fund wallets to to have have. In Bakkt, the idea is that each and every Bitcoin that is in the form of contract has been completed, is in custody, is to be taken. These are the services that are in the M3 aggregate is falling.
The Wall warns of the so-called I Owe You ” s, also known as IOU’s). If this is a new type of service that the BTC is going to replace it, it may just be a piece of bitcoin supply,’ that doesn’t exist at all.
The use of BTC is similar to that of the banknotes that are to be provided for the storage of gold in the bank.

In the present bankenwereld, it is only a small fraction of the bank’s management of the reserves. The act would give the cryptocurrency broke it.
If the citizens do not have the coins to manage to be able to these kinds of problems in the future to just happen.
The proposal is for the custodials and the exchange is a Proof-of-Reserves ” and to develop it. Blockstream has in mind.

The current bitcoin supply

There are people out there who claim to be cryptobeurzen is the place to be for inflation, about the supply of cryptomunt to be created. With lending and margin trading and may influence the selection of the stored coins to expand.
Does your supply of Bitcoin is in an unofficial way? We know, however, that a lot of Bitcoins do not move. The coins of Satoshi Nakamoto also seem to be ‘lost’.
There is also a part of the coin which has been rendered unusable because of the private keys, which would have to be. Small amounts of dust will not appear in the overall supply.
It has been estimated that between 30% and 50% of the coins are not in circulation.
Source: Cryptopolitan

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