‘Bitcoin (BTC) is a never-ending, as well as a method of payment, then Libra

Bitcoin (BTC) is located in the eleventh year of their life. A free and open-source medium of exchange, a way to waardetransacties to do so.
At the other end of the spectrum is the state of Balance, the blockchainproject on Facebook. David Marcus is responsible for the development of the largest corporate blockchain up to date.
He thinks the BTC, however, is still not to be used as a method of payment. And while the Balance is still not even on-line.


Nick Szabo was an early member working with the cryptography, and then bitcoin. He is at odds with the uitsparken Marcus: ”Bitcoin is working infinitely better than this one have been banned vaporware.” Szabo is referring to the problems that Facebook has, with the initiation of the project.
Recently, various parties such as Visa and MasterCard credit cards of the Balance of the project. In addition, in terms of politics, a lot of contrast, given at the new baby, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.


Bitcoin does not suffer from court cases, and political views, and there is no central agency to be dealt with. Facebook is a party and which, in spite of the influence of the techgigant, opposed to be.
In the last digital currencies, like Bit-Gold and e-gold were always a certain amount of decentralized aspect is lacking. A place where something can go wrong, is in the long term, the project will always be of the essence.
Szabo is also of the opinion that Mark and Facebook have not learned from history. As a digital medium of exchange which are government and our current monetary system is about to attack you can not have a weak spot.
That is, in bitcoin raised, while projects such as Libra and there is still an organization that is able to be dealt with as well.

Source: Bitcoinist

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