‘Bitcoin (BTC) miners took advantage of the volatility in 2018

Bitcoin (BTC) miners benefiting in 2019, the most of the volatility of the price of the. The miners were mined with BTC until there is a major move in the market place. This is evident from the data of the Token Manager.
According to the data of the analysts of different parties, the price is greatly influenced by this. While the drop to ~$3.100 been a lot of bitcoin to cryptobeurzen will be sent.

Proffesional era

Token Manager: “We have seen miners use to make the decision. They will keep their BTC is stuck to their hand to sell for a large price movements.” This will give miners, their profits are maximised.
The power of the big miners are getting larger and larger. Elias, Simon, a researcher at the Decentral Park, is look at the dates of the mined bitcoin. Where are the new cryptomunten to add to it?
In 2016, it went up to 70% of the bitcoin is for miners that are not mining pool, had to be connected. At this point, it is still only about 25%. Simon calls this the ” proffesional era. A lot of the BTC mining is only possible with cheap energy, and top-notch hardware.

The price

Satoshi Nakamoto said that one commodity is always in the direction of the price it would go for: ”If the price is below the cost of the production down. If the price is above the cost, it depends, there may be a profit to be made.” This would mean that the price of BTC is moving in the direction of the elecrticiteitskosten per bitcoin.


The mining of bitcoin, it is a very lucrative business. However, the competition is fierce: the battle for the best hardware and the cheapest energy. Not all of the sites with a relatively low energy and are eager to start this new industry in your country.
So the Russian bitcoin miners have to pay for their electricity. According to the Department of Energy in the country, contributing to the miners in the country, and the local economy.
In spite of setbacks here and there, the computing power of the network of bitcoin is to protect and grow. In August, which reached the miners in a joint record, there was, at that time, for $14 billion worth of bitcoin mined.

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