Bitcoin bull and billionaire Tim Draper currencies besides BTC on this Crypto

During a recent interview with the British entrepreneur and Investor Rob Moore, the well-known venture capitalists and Bitcoin-said-COP Tim Draper, that he had next to BTC is still “a lot of other crypto-currencies” in his repertoire.

According to his own statement, that is the reason why the Portfolio of the Bitcoin evangelists and billionaire, during the lock downs “surprisingly high”. How much money he has actually invested in Bitcoin & co., he did not want to betray, but for this, he hinted, of what crypto-currencies, among others, also a place in his Portfolio have found.

The Dollar drives them into the arms of Bitcoin

So how many other Bitcoin advocates is convinced Draper to assume that the US Dollar is doomed. The US Central Bank has printed in the wind 9 trillion dollars, undermining, according to Draper, the confidence of the people in the currency and drives it straight into the open arms of Bitcoin:

There are only 21 million of them and they will always be valuable, while the governments always have to show less.

While Draper believes that Bitcoin will continue to be measured in terms of market capitalization, the number 1, he had also words of praise for the greatest Hardfork of the leading crypto-currency left. In an Interview in December of 2019, he hinted, that, in his opinion, “some smart people” working on Bitcoin Cash.

The venture capital investor and his Investments are involved, since 2016 is also in Ethereum. However, he expressed last year, his concerns due to the emission rate of ETH. In his opinion, important components of the success story of a crypto-currency border, decentralization and a fixed range with a clear upper.

This is the part that I don’t like, the concentration there. The whole point of decentralisation. You want to be a fixed number.

Draper expects to see a Bitcoin price of$ 250,000 until 2014

Draper has already has in the past demonstrated that he has a fine nose for upcoming Trends. He also belongs to the early investors of Skype and Tesla. At the same time, he predicted in 2014 that the price of Bitcoin would reach$ 10,000. This corresponded at that time, a tenfold increase from the former high of around 1,000$.

Now he expects the Bitcoin forecast rates until 2023, and write the first$ 250,000 is reached. While the sounds used for some high, shows the past, that a tenfold increase of the recent highs is quite Possible.

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