Bitcoin Bullrun just before? Holder will always be more and withdraw BTC from exchanges

There are many strategies to invest in Bitcoin. Not only due to the fact that the Trading and short-term Speculating on profit is not statistically for the most profitable, many investors for a long-term investment horizon. These investors have in the Crypto-Space has a special name: “Hodler”. You have to keep the goal of their BTCs over a long period of time, in order to benefit from the increase in the value of BTC. Exactly, this investment strategy seems to be now becoming more and more popular. An indication of the acceptance of Bitcoins, which are stored on Crypto-exchanges. What this means in the long term for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Balances on Exchanges take off

After the Bitcoin purchase there are really only 2 ways to keep this. Either leave them on the Exchange, and not must deal with Private Keys, but the risk of Exchange Hacks exposed or one is a Hot or Cold Wallet, which excludes the risk of Exchange Hacks.The first way is to choose often investors who want to in the meantime, sell a portion of their BTC. For the latter investors, the so-called “Hodlern” opt. They don’t want to sell in the near future, but the long-term rate of increase in benefit.According to the analysis company Glassnode the number of Bitcoin stored on Crypto-exchanges have been declining since the crash in March, is growing rapidly. At the onset it should be the largest decline in the history of BTC, and suggests that more and more investors opt for a long-term investment strategy.During mid-March were still stored in a place of about 2,640,000 Bitcoin on Crypto-exchanges, there are now only 2.325.000 BTC. Glassnode self says:

The number of BTC on the exchanges has fallen since the crash in March steadily and is now approaching a 1-year low. This is the largest and anhaltendste downward trend in the Balances of BTC exchanges in the history of Bitcoin.

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What does that mean for the BTC price?

Reasons for the withdrawal of Bitcoin, the Crypto-Evil there can be many. Possible loss of confidence of some users to the stock exchanges is part of it. So BitMex experienced technical difficulties during the crash in March. Also Coinbase had to do recently with the help of a technical failure.More likely, however, is that the investment behaviour of investors has changed and many expect possible the next Bullrun. Rather than speculate on short-term profits, in the case of a Holding of Bitcoin on the Exchanges, could have now extended to the Halving of the investment horizon of many. But what is the impact on the Bitcoin price?In theory, the market for Bitcoin would be withdrawn if more people keep their BTCs in the long term, of Exchanges off and on Cold Wallets to keep. So the offer would be reduced to short-term marketable Bitcoin, which would theoretically be a rate rise. If it is, however, really so you have to wait and see.It is interesting to note, however, that the withdrawal of Bitcoin from the Exchanges with the strong recovery of the Bitcoin exchange rate overlaps in the last 2 months. If, however, there is a connection, is complete and can probably never be answered, because there are too many parameters that influence the Bitcoin rate.Regardless of how other investors behave, and what increase in the Bitcoin exchange rate ultimately has caused, you should do your own detailed Research. If you become convinced of Bitcoin supposed to be, you have to pay attention to the choice of the appropriate Exchange or to the right broker. Because your money is only as safe as the Partner to work with you together. After our own extensive testing we have, therefore, an important tip for you:

Would you like to place you in Bitcoin to market in time?

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