Bitcoin buy now? – According to Google, the Bitcoin price is bullish as long as not more

The search of Google Trends for Bitcoin, shows a significant increase of interest in the leading crypto-currency. “Buy Bitcoin now” is even being searched for more often, than ever before. Obviously, the recent collapse of Bitcoin exchange rate has not harmed in the process. Because, although the Bitcoin exchange rate fell in the last week, briefly in the case of some stock exchanges under 3.800 $ and in total in the last month, around 60 percent of its value lost, according to data from Google Trends, is clearly growing interest in Bitcoin.The searches for Bitcoin have risen in the past week, by leaps and bounds, even in the midst of the market panic and the global economic uncertainty, which was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 12. March the searches doubled to “Bitcoin” and even surpass, the highest level since the beginning of 2018.Google searches for “Bitcoin”The Same is also true for the search term “buy Bitcoin”. Here too, the searches have reached the highest level since the beginning of 2018.Google searches for “buy Bitcoin”, The search query “buy Bitcoin now” has indeed already reached the highest level that it has ever given. This particularly emphasises one fact very clear: people seem to believe in the long-term success of Bitcoin, and keep the current Bitcoin exchange rate and its Stand for a lucrative buying opportunity.Google searches for “buy Bitcoin now”

Should you buy Bitcoin now? Bitcoin exchange rate follows bullishem pattern

Now, whether you should personally buy Bitcoin now or not, we can’t tell you, of course. Or let me correct that: We don’t want to tell you. Because if you Bitcoin now want to buy, then hopefully only because you have understood what Bitcoin is and why times like these the value of BTC underline and not because we or anybody else you vorkaut. Because one thing is clear: The patterns of the unlimited printing of money and the disastrous consequences of this are simply not portable. These knowledge scales currently with breakneck speed and more and more people and institutions will the value of Bitcoin before the eyes.But it is not only fundamental, supported by current events and the resurgence of the interest in Bitcoin to give a reason, that this year will be a very bullishes for BTC. Also, on a technical level, there is good reason to believe that we are the ground is very close and it could soon go back uphill. Because so far, the Bitcoin exchange rate follows the same pattern as the first two, Bitcoin Halvings. This pattern is best described by the following Channel at best, with the dashed vertical lines represent the time points of Halvings.As the Chart shows, the Bitcoin rate so far, each Time to be returned before the Halvings of the lower trend line of the Channel, before he began in his Bullrun and a new all-time high reached. Therefore, the time period was in the past, before the Halvings actually the best time to buy Bitcoin. Should this pattern in the future, then the Bitcoin exchange rate could drop to about $ 4,400 of, before he begins his rally to around 80,000$. In my Bitcoin price analysis from Tuesday I have dealt with in more detail on the Whole thing, so you if you are interested in this Thesis like to read can.Also read: Bitcoin exchange rate reached according to the indicator of 4,400$ to the Halving, and then starts his rally of up to 80,000$

Do you want to buy Bitcoin now?

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