Bitcoin by the numbers: price of bitcoin increases 23% during the week

In this new weekly report on bitcoin, there is evidence of the way in which it has been rapidly increasing the price of this asset at the last few days. To do this, it will take into account the market capitalization and the volume of daily trading, which have also been driven positively in recent days on the market of bitcoin. With respect to mining in the network of Bitcoin, the processing speed of the blockchain is kept more or less in the same levels of march. In that sense, we observe how this metric continues to decline from last April 15. In addition, if you take a look at the number of transactions to be confirmed, it is noticeable that the network is a little congested.


From 22 to 29 April, has taken more strength to the bullish momentum seen from the last week. The minimum price registered for the day 22 was USD 7.126. While, when writing this news, BTC is trading in the $ 8.761, which represents an increase of 23%. The market capitalization increased from $ 130.692 million to $ 162.424 million, which means that during the last week the growth of the capitalization registered an increase of 24,28%. While the price of bitcoin increased by approximately 24,19%, its market capitalization went up 24,28%. Source: CoinMarketCap. The volume traded daily bitcoin also has had a remarkable growth. On the 22nd of April was recorded a trading volume of USD 32.042 million, today the amount is around USD $ 59.306 million. This means that this metric has increased by 81,27%. This fact clearly reflects how the movement in the market of bitcoin has grown rapidly at the same time that the price. On the other hand, we can observe how the volatility of the price of bitcoin has been falling constantly. It is worth remembering that last week the volatility was 18,86%, and today, it is around 13.4 per cent. It is important to take into account that in march, the volatility reached values that exceeded the 23%, so that this metric has regressed considerably. Last, but not least, the dominance of bitcoin is currently at 65%, an advance of 1.5% from last week. Price of Bitcoin: 8.789 market Capitalization: USD 162.424.513.942 Volume: USD 59.306.990.915 Volatility of bitcoin: 13.4 per cent Dominance of bitcoin: 65%


The size of the blockchain from the network of Bitcoin is in 274.338 Megabytes (Mb), which represents an increase of 1.143 Mb in the week. The processing speed decreased a little, in comparison with the last week, leaving this measure in 110,71 Hexahash per second. However, the processing speed is kept at high values if one considers the history of the network. Last week the speed of processing was 113.8 bp Hexahash per second. In addition, the difficulty of mining on the network continues to be stable in the range of 15,959 Terabytes. This week there occurred other changes in the distribution of the 5 major pools of mining of the network. F2pool is still an 18%, and Poolin increased 17%. But now, AntPool and they exchanged places and the percentage of the hashrate of the network. While, ViaBTC remains in fifth place with 6%. In the mempool Bitcoin the weight of each transaction per second is 2.203 vBytes. In addition, the size of it is 29 Mb, which is equivalent to 23 blocks per confirm. At the time of writing this news in the mempool of Bitcoin is to confirm 45.479 transactions for each 1 sats/Vbyte. These values align with the great movement existing in the market, confirming a bit of congestion in the network. The average cost per transaction increased to us $ 0.664 sats/Vbyte, last week the cost was $ 0,51 sats/Vbyte. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the amount of daily transactions confirmed increased 323.475. This means that this metric increased by 4% compared with the 310.851 transactions confirmed last week. Size of the blockchain: 274.338 Megabytes Hashrate and difficulty: 110.71 Hexahash per second and 15,959 Terabytes Distribution of the hashrate per pool: F2Pool (18%), Poolin (17%), AntPool (14%), (13%), and ViaBTC (6%) Status of the mempool: transaction per second 2.203 vBytes, and there by confirm 45.479 transactions for each 1 sats/Vbyte. Average cost of transactions: USD 0,664 Transactions per day: 323.475


It was recently announced the launch of a new version of nld to Lightning Network. Developers have already launched the beta version of this new client of Lightning Network. The changes made in this new implementation allow to improve the performance of the network of micro-payments of Bitcoin. In addition, the protagonists of the update are the payments with multiple shipments and the ability to finance multiple channels with new methods. Despite the fact that the launch of the new package of nld for Lightning Network happened a few days ago, it is a work in progress. People who wish to use this client in their own nodes, you will find regular updates, the latest occurred last April 23.

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