Bitcoin Cash BCH: Electron Cash Establishes A Crowdfunding Service

The Electron Cash wallet will now be able to receive equity financing thanks to a recently integrated extension. Crowdfunding transactions will be carried out using the Sighash flag.


New features in Electron Cash

Bitcoin Cash’s portfolio has taken a step forward by offering new application possibilities. Among these new features, we specifically mention the participatory financing module, which will allow funds to be received through a Sighash flag. In addition, the integration of the SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) will offer the possibility of creating tokens in the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. To make this action possible, without altering confidentiality, Electron Cash has integrated the CashShuffle plug-in, allowing the user to intertwine transactions with others.

The Participative Financing of Electron Cash

There are not many portfolios that offer such services. However, the objective of this new functionality is to offer the best optimization of the platform as a pragmatic tool, which can be exploited on all levels, like participatory financing.

The functionality is accessible through Sighash-All. For this purpose, crowdfunding transactions are quite special. They are scheduled for fundraising and if the fundraising mission is not completed (after a certain threshold), no transactions will be validated.

From a technical point of view, the fundraising functionality imposes conditions, particularly in terms of contributions and fundraising missions. Mr.Fyookball explains:

“BTH offers you the possibility to perform crowdfunding transactions via the Sighash flag. This means that a group of different people can only sign their own contributions, but for the same transaction.”

For a participatory financing of 100 BCH, the origin and quantity of the tokens are irrelevant and will only be validated once the crowdfunding conditions are met: i.e. the achievement of 100 BCH.

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