“Bitcoin Co-Founder” Jörg Molt exposed and Antonopoulos as scammers exposed

The emergence of Bitcoin has still not been fully clarified. The inventors are unknown, and there is a fairly high probability that we will never find out who is actually behind them. It is precisely this mystery of use some individuals, in order to win itself as the inventor of Bitcoin, in order to trust with the potential investors. One of the most well-known Craig Wright, for it is always hot is probably. But there is also a well-known cheater from Germany called Jörg Molt. Now he seems to have the wrong people created and has been publicly placed on the pillory, and as a Scammer exposed.

Alleged Bitcoin Co-Founder Jörg Molt under fire

On one of the largest Crypto conferences in Las Vegas last week, the World of Crypto Con, has spent Jörg Molt again as the inventor of Bitcoin. The Ex-DJ and Initiator of the Satoshi School, which is according to him, the only true address in order to learn Bitcoin and Blockchain, have been addressed by the well-known Crypto commentator Kenneth Bosak on the Event hard. Look for yourself:

Bosak has then published the Video on Twitter. The “revelation” of the “Faketoshi”, or better said “Nakamolto”, has gone viral. The Jörg Molt has not deterred to shoot a Fan photo with Andreas Antonopolous, and present it to his Fans as evidence that he is actually the Co-Founder of Bitcoin. Andreas Antonopolous is one of the most well-known Bitcoin expert and the author of several books about BTC and ETH.Trade on the most successful Crypto-exchange. If you’re looking for a reputable point of contact, to act with real crypto currencies, then take a look at our Binance Test 2019! In this article, we have analyzed all the features and benefits of the crypto-exchange in more detail and evaluated. The most the most popular crypto-stock exchange today! Now on Binance sign up.

Antonopolous is Jörg Molt busted

Apparently Antonopolous knew nothing of his happiness, and was pointed out a short time after the publication of this photo by some users who is Jörg Molt at all and to be what he pretends to be. Antonopolous has immediately responded via Twitter to announce that Jörg Molt is a fraud, Bitcoin has not invented, and no thousands of BTC has.

He has also contacted at the same time to the organizers and accused of not having sufficiently in advance of the research, who invites you to the Event. In addition, he has issued a clear warning, from such Scammers and other users invited to share the Tweet.

Briefly after that, Jörg Molt has deleted his Twitter Account. This time, he has created seemingly with the wrong people, to enjoy in the Crypto Space with a high Reputation and, accordingly, the necessary range to place such Scammers the craft.

Ex-wife reveals more lies from “Nakamolto”

Jörg Molt has not advertised for many years the questionable Bitclub, but also a Bitcoin Board set up to collect more money from naive investors. Who still of the opinion that there is sufficient evidence that Jörg Molt is a Scammer, can.the Video of his Ex-wife, which confirmed, inter alia, that it was written in 2008, when the Bitcoin Whitepaper, not even in possession of a computer was Update: the Video of the Ex-wife is now no longer available.

The German “Nakamolto” is probably arrived at the end of its scammers career. Although such people will always find new victims, but as easy as it used to, it is not for him, certainly. Keep an eye on, the Scamer always coming up with new Tricks to lead investors behind the light. Stay safe and free.What do you think of the reaction of Andreas Antonopolous to the alleged Bitcoin Co-Founder Jörg Molt? Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any News. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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