Bitcoin Core’s website is now also in the dark, just to be censorship, to prevent the

The website of Bitcoin-Core is now also available through the dark web. According to a statement posted on its web site. In the Bitcoin Core the website will be new in the bitcoin software was published. The web site is maintained by the bitcoin developers. Because of the the web site can also be found on the dark web, it is better bestend up against censorship.

What is the dark web?

The dark web is the hidden part of the internet, and you can’t reach with a browser such as Google Chrome, or Safari. You will need to have a called the TOR browser to access this website.
How do you, as a TOR-browser, you can see here:

It is also important that the dark web is associated with illegal activities such as crime and drugs. Although, sadly, as well, the dark web, a number of purposes. Using the ” dark web, you can because of the uncensored data, is in these times very important. Consider, for example, how to write a critical article when you live in a country with a stringent regulatory regime.
The web site of the BBC in October, 2019 is also a version available for the TOR browser. The content of British news is being censored by viet nam, China, and Iran, but in this way the inhabitants of this land, however, the news out of the United Kingdom is given.

Is less dependent on the central party

In the same way, it is the site of the Bitcoin Core, and now everyone in the whole world. In addition, the site will no longer be dependent on the parties who have certificates and not the DNS infrastructure].
The parties that issue certificates to verify a website is genuine. At the same time, these parties are also in power…. As a government, decide the content of the website and to prohibit a party from rejecting this certificate is to be issued. The DNS infrastructure to connect the IP address to a domain name, for example The website also has to offer you via the dark web is Bitcoin-Core is becoming less dependent on these technologies.

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