Bitcoin could be in a few weeks, one of the last Assets to be traded

It is very likely that many stocks will close markets in the world in the coming weeks due to the pandemic. Bitcoin and the crypto-currency market and could be among the last still standing.
The crypto-currency market never sleeps. For a crypto Trader, this is the characteristic par excellence, which distinguishes it from every other financial market.
This also means that he may survive all by the Coronavirus-caused shutdowns – and even, perhaps, one of the few financial markets that can be traded in the coming weeks.

The traditional financial markets to a Halt?

Media reports worldwide that a shutdown of the stock markets is likely to be. The New York stock exchange is already planning for the next week, the Transition to fully electronic Trading.
Other countries are thinking about the proposal. However, it is risky – in the Philippines, for example, a closure of the national stock exchange has led last Thursday to a slump of 24%.
The Situation could turn more into a spiral, if the shares fall in the world, and Trading is too risky.
Such a Situation would also be noteworthy. Never before has the world had a massive closure of the stock exchanges.
Only the crypto-currency market would be practically left of it – because of the never sleeps.

The 24-7-Crypto-Market

The crypto-currency market can never be switched off – and that means that he is in a few weeks, possibly in the strange situation, to be one of the few active markets. A month ago, that seemed unthinkable.
Since now, however, extreme measures are necessary, it seems such an Option is not very far-fetched. Only a few sectors have shown in this global market of routine thickness.
In view of the cascading losses and the tightening of the Coronavirus ends of the pandemic, it is plausible that the call for a stop of the financial markets, louder and louder.
Such an event would also bring the Strengths of the crypto-currency market to its full advantage. However, it remains to be seen whether the markets can handle it, to be in the spotlight.
For the time being, these are only guesses and we will have to wait and see how the Situation of the Coronavirus pandemic develops in the coming weeks.

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