Bitcoin dominance is growing while the Altcoin suffers from market

Analysts end the week with a small glimmer of hope, after Bitcoin has broken the “Falling Wedge”. A good day for BTC, however, means, in General, more pain for Altcoins, as it could be today, see Tomorrow in the markets.

Bitcoin breaks through the Falling Wedge

A few hours ago, Bitcoin has reached an Intraday High of 10,450$. This week, analysts predict a further decline in the four-digit range, which is, however, not yet occurred. The daily volume is slightly increased to 15 billion dollars, but still relatively low.
In the long term some of the indicators are considered irrelevant, since Bitcoin is still in a Range and currently, its lateral movement is not able to solve.
Due to the rise in this week has increased the market dominance of Bitcoin on to 72.50 percent, and high is close to its two year, so you can assume that you will reach this level probably in the near future.
The Trader and Analyst Luke Martin, has analysed the action of the Altcoin market, and claims that Altcoins will only see gains if BTC falls below $ 10,000 to.

Again a Altcoin-surrender

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is still one of the Top performers of the day, even at such a small percentage increase. Ethereum clings to the 180 $mark, which is a strong resistance and, to date, further gains are prevented.
Ripples XRP threatens to fall to another low for the year below 0.25$, while the managers of the company seek to justify the recent large-scale token movements within the company.
Bitcoin Cash moves also flat and remains at 300 $, while Litecoin seems to have at $ 70 a Support Zone found.
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