Bitcoin donations to the Hong Kong frozen by BitPay

Bitcoin and cryptovaluta payment provider BitPay today’s bad news. The company refuses to accept donations in bitcoin to Hong Kong’s Free Press.
Hong Kong’s Free Press is a not-for-profit organisation that has been set up to ensure the freedom of the press in the country. It is the first local social media approach, funded by donations of the members.
The traditional, dominant sources will come mainly from China and big corporations out of the country. In China, the website is not even blocked.

Bitcoin donations

As the founder and editor-in-chief, Tom Grundy, responding on Twitter to the controversy with BitPay. The company would have only three weeks of donations in BTC to stop it.

The payment system in Hong Kong, it takes more time, says Grundy. This is because, the banking system, SWIFT and IBAN code. But, according to the journalist, is not a reason for a long time-to-time. Previously, this latency is not the case, so something’s not right.
Why is BitPay for the transactions, no payment remains to be seen. In Hong Kong, it is currently a mess. There have been weekly demonstrations by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people out on the streets. The company may, from some angles can be changed.
At the time of this writing, does BitPay have not yet responded to our questions.


With BitPay you can easily make bitcoin and other cryptomunten to accept for payment or, donatiemiddel. A lot of fun, but you have to you independence on. That is, even more so after this stuff in Hong Kong.
Tom Grundy, and his organization is independent, and is simply bitcoin donations in order to receive, then that is a private address. The ease of BitPay will weigh are the advantages and disadvantages.
It is as if the payment provider can be dangerous to just put everything through the locks to the case of Hong Kong, china. Before you know it, tap it, and a body you the first.
Earlier this year, pointed to BitPay as a donation of $100,000 to the burn-in in the rainforests of the Amazon to fight against it. The amount was too high to get it to a good cause, to provide their services.
If you want to independently pay for and accept donations with bitcoin? Try using a different address and not a value-added service.
If BitPay does, it is a good service, but if it doesn’t work, you’re just like other payment providers, simply dependent on the will of someone else. That to do with bitcoin anymore.
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