Bitcoin drops below $10.000, but recovered, Blockstack reached 23 million

Bitcoin (BTC) is the Tuesday night local time, under $10,000 for scuba diving. The lowest point is at Bitstamp, the last day of $9.910.
At the time of writing the act of one bitcoin for $10.024, but really, a lot of heart, it is still not the case. Because of the volume of trade declined sharply, as the chart below demonstrates.

Source: Cryptocompare

Bitcoin exchange rate

The big question is where is the bottom for bitcoin is because of the support levels at $10.200 and the $10,000 is broken.
The analysts are of the Crypto-League and come out on the basis of the Four-Wave Theory, to a conclusion: $9.700 is at the moment – in the time of the 1st wave of this bull market – with the hard ground. We’re about to go in the 2nd wave, when the current accumulatiefase has been completed.
In fact, starting from the following month, drops to the bitcoin, in the run-up to the halving of the block, awards under $10,000, if that is their belief.
This decision is based on technical analysis of historical and prijsdata, but other factors may also have an effect on the price of the law, rules and regulations, technology developments and macro-economic developments. and so on).

Eye-catching tweets from the morning

Analyst, Josh works as a Brush to see for a long time as in why be in the sentiment of the market is bearish, and it comes up with the following graph: an upward trend for BTC.

Bitcoin market: 69,5%

The power of bitcoin is in the 70% mark down. At the time of this writing, it is the dominant 69,5%, in accordance with marktvorser Coinmarketcap. We can see that the BTC’s position in 2019 and enhanced features.
Source: Coinmarketcap
Historically speaking, bitcoin is the cryptomarkt, ‘continuous’, is dominated, according to a data analyst, Willy, But, in an interesting thread on the Twitter.


A number of cryptomunten are of good standing and the bags are slightly less compared to that of bitcoin. Other altcoins provide, however.

The news of the morning: – Blockstack ICO

Blockstack, the first to be regulated and the Initial Coin Offering in the US, and $23 million, picked up her tokenverkoop, reported to their CEO in a blog post. Under the investor with the necessary funds, but also to private individuals were put in.
The company was, in 2013, was established at the Princeton University and obtained a first round of $50 million. Blockstack is a platform for users to have more control over its data, and your identity.
To say that there are 7,000 developers on the platform, to the so-called local apps.

Web: an Astronaut on the moon t-shirt.

Exciting news! We have had this month our shop will be launched, which we have been steadily expanding.
Feel free to have a look around! Our first shirts are now on order. It’s bitcoin (BTC), one of the payment options.

The new Bitcoin News: The sales of bitcoin miners, the measures by The Dutch central Bank, as well as Chinese coffee shops.
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