Bitcoin exchange PrimeXBT enters into a partnership with Bitfury

Bitcoin (BTC) exchange PrimeXBT are going to work with a Crystal Blockchain, which is a subsidiary of Bitfury. That’s what makes the first-mentioned party, in a press release.

PrimeXBT, and Bitfury

What is the collaboration about? PrimeXBT is software a Crystal to use in order to be able to meet the stringent anti-witwasregels.
The software is the control of transactions on the platform. Also, there is an algorithm, a risk score to be allocated to paid-in funds.
In addition, the software can get a better grip on the origins of bitcoin.
To set this BAC is associated with a particular individual, or of a criminal offense, such as hacking, then you should come to the fore, as is expected.
By means of a specific exchange will be informed.
With the implementation of this technology complies with PrimeXBT to fully meet international standards for money-laundering (AML) and the financing of terrorism (CTF) and the head button.
A spokesperson for Crystal said:

“We can help PrimeXBT their klantenprocedures, and the security of the marketplace, to improve them. The safe act has been a top priority for both companies.
Marina Khaustova, the chief executive of the Crystal Blockchain

A spokesman for PrimeXBT comments:

We have the important but challenging task, for the purpose of money laundering is to eliminate without having the privacy of our customers, have been maintained.

On PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is in 2018, was founded, and provides a platform for cryptovaluta, forex, indices and commodities. The platform for the exchange of orders, with a leverage of up to 500 in the case of long and short positions may be possible. The day to day volume level is set at the time of this writing, more than 400-thousand dollars in BTC.
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