Bitcoin exchange rate controls on the 4.500$ to first Bank failure in the USA, Bitcoin Whales move 75 million $ in BTC and Satoshi’s Vision has failed?

Welcome to our crypto Monday of the week in review the week 15! As usual, this week has again much to report significant and so it is not surprising that we can again come up with a whole range of interesting News for you.Our topics range from the Bitcoin exchange rate and why a price target of 4,500$ becomes more and more likely, about the first Bank failure in the United States, about Bitcoin Whale activities before the slump, to the question whether or not Satoshi’s Vision has failed.Of course, this was not Far from everything! However, much more is not revealed at this point, because in the Following, we have you in the usual regalia of the Highlights of the last week bit by bit and easily digestible manner.But enough of the Preface. A lot of fun with our crypto Monday of the week in review!Let us know what were for you this week the most exciting, or most important events, and discuss about it with our Community on Telegram.

Bitcoin price Wedge still in the Rising and why is the price target of 4,500$ becomes more and more likely

After many were already wary of the dusty party hats again to unpack, is the Bitcoin exchange rate, unfortunately, is vehemently opposed to the 50-Daily MA line, bounced off and lost within a day more than 500$ on the ground. So he is currently again under 7000$limit.What does this mean for the Bitcoin course, we want to discuss in this analysis. I’ve looked at the Bitcoin Chart and analyze what information we can draw from this. Here, you’ll see why the price target from 4,500$ to Bitcoin exchange rate is increasingly likely. Bitcoin price analysis.

Bitcoin News: first banks, Bankruptcy in the United States – the beginning of The end?

Bitcoin is created as a digital Asset in the middle of the financial crisis in 2008/ 2009 in reply by Satoshi Nakamoto on the centralised financial system. He wanted to a of banks, governments and other third party independent payment network. 11 years later, this concept has become in the Wake of the corona virus crisis is more important than ever. The reason is the state and the Central banks around the world driven measures to increase the money supply and the population so quietly and secretly to your savings, Rob are. But on the other hand, these measures are also what our financial system is still hurting you. The Worst-Case scenario would be that some of the banks go bust, what would be the use of networks in the inter-banking System a Domino effect. Now it is in the USA came to such first banks-Broke and makes for an exciting Bitcoin News. This is the beginning of the end? Here you can find out more about the explosive topic. Article call.You secure your Bonus in the amount of 112 $profit from one of the world’s safest and fastest Trading platforms and give your start-up capital for the Extra Boost! You secure your Bonus in the amount of 112 $, because this offer is only valid for a short period of time. Get your Bonus now!

Satoshi’s Vision failed? – Hashrate breaks in order to 70%

Buy Bitcoin while the corona crisis – billionaire shows how to do it

There is currently interesting is that the concern about the measures to Quantitative easing by the Central banks and the stimulus packages of countries makes to the economy, more and more in the Mainstream wide. This critical eye on the measures that were used after the financial crisis of 2008/09, properly, and in consequence of the corona crisis amplified, known sympathisers otherwise, especially of the Bitcoin Fans and Crypto.Against increased Inflation, or perhaps a increasingly bröckelndes financial system secure, recommend financial experts to invest in assets that have only a limited supply. For this purpose, Gold is one of course, but also Bitcoin falls to the paper due to its limitation to a maximum of 21 million in this category. The billionaire and BTC Fan Mike Novogratz said in an Interview that he is currently investing exactly in these two Assets. You can get more information in this article.

Bitcoin Whale alert: Bitcoin whales move about 75 million $ in BTC to Top stock exchanges

Especially wealthy investors, with more than 1,000 Bitcoin, known as Bitcoin Whales, have recently begun to move huge amounts of money to the Top stock exchanges. This is an indication that there will be no Bullrun more before the Bitcoin Halving?Approximately 75 million dollars in Bitcoin (BTC) were transferred to the leading exchanges Binance, Bitstamp and OKEx. Even if the Bitcoin exchange rate experienced a short-term boost to around 7,300 $, led to this Bitcoin Whale action in the case of many Doubts. Price was followed in this manoeuvre by a further slump in Bitcoin. You can read more in here.

Bitcoin Is Money? – Learn what money is and the extent to which BTC matches

Especially in times like these, in which the inefficiency of our current financial system once again shows its impact, is the search for a long-term Alternative is more urgent than ever. It is often argued in this context, a question of whether Bitcoin is money or not. This lack of Argument, unfortunately, often to the necessary basic knowledge in the matter, to be able to make an informed opinion.The Least know what money actually is, what it is and why we need it. Today, we want to create, however, in the case of our readers to a remedy and explain what it is in this context, to know.In doing so, we restrict ourselves to the basic functions of money and the extent to which Bitcoin in this context fits. Summarized and simply stated. Only then will it be us in our conclusion, it is possible to decide whether Bitcoin is money or not. Learn in this article what is the least know but all should know.Trade on the worlds leading Social Trading platform!Join the millions of people who have already discovered how it smarter to invest by copying the best investors in our Community, or be copied and as a result, a second income can be achieved. Start now!

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