Bitcoin exchange rate Crash and its actual cause, Chainlink on the special offer, Ethereum price Manipulation, Ripple rate is in danger & if BTC is actually money in the Overview

Welcome to our crypto Monday of the week in review of the KW 11! As usual, this week has again much to report significant and so it is not surprising that we can again come up with a whole range of interesting News for you.Our topics range from the Bitcoin price Crash and its actual cause, of the Manipulation of the Ethereum course, the special offer in the case of Chainlink, as well as the Ripple rate to Bitcoin and whether it is actually a sensible money alternative or not.Of course, this was not Far from everything! However, much more is not revealed at this point, because in the Following, we have you in the usual regalia of the Highlights of the last week bit by bit and easily digestible manner.But enough of the Preface. A lot of fun with our crypto Monday of the week in review!Let us know what were for you this week the most exciting, or most important events, and discuss about it with our Community on Telegram.

Bitcoin Crash of Antonopoulos FED is pumping predicted 1.5 trillion $ in the market and why Coronavirus is not the reason for all of this

The latest Bitcoin Crash and its extent may have been for one or the other surprisingly, however, this is true for all. Bitcoin Evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos predicted 2 months ago on his Podcast that the impact of a recession or a similar event, and their implications for the Bitcoin price will be substantial. Of course, he was referring not only BTC alone, but the entire Crypto-market.But that’s still not enough. The FED has announce that they will provide an additional 1.5 trillion dollars to stabilize the market. The Minister of Finance of the United States even went a step further and announced that they will provide the economy with unlimited liquidity. What does all of this mean to how the individual components interact with each other and what effect this has on Bitcoin, you can find out in this article.

Chainlink drop: Flash Crash crash LINK to 0.0001 USD in Binance

A slap in the face to the Thursday of this week was received for all of those who had just bought the first crypto-currencies, or even on BitMex Long positions. Because within a few hours, the entire crypto market has lost about $ 75 billion in market capitalization. In view of the previous 260 billion, a decline of more than 30 percent.Particularly hard hit the Chainlink rate and the associated Token LINK. This crashed in the context of a Flash Crash to the Ground and was – briefly – in only 0.0001 of the US Dollar. What exactly happened and how LINK is currently, let’s look at in this article in more detail.

Ethereum course Crash: How Whales ETH price manipulated

“In crazy times, crazy things happen.” – This wisdom is also true for the last week in the crypto market. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Chainlink or Tezos – all crypto-currencies have seen in the last days of massive losses. Yesterday, we put our focus on the Ethereum course. We looked, however, not on the last two days, but at the end of last week. More specifically, on the Sunday, the 08. March 2020.Even if to fight at this time, the majority of the crypto-currencies with losses to be had, a crashing of the Ethereum course in a matter of hours by 25 percent. An analysis of Crypto-research company Santiment now shows that Whales manipulated, obviously, the ETH price. What exactly happened behind this price manipulation, and why the Whole thing was carried out, you can find out in this article.You secure your Bonus in the amount of 112 $profit from one of the world’s safest and fastest Trading platforms and give your start-up capital for the Extra Boost! You secure your Bonus in the amount of 112 $, because this offer is only valid for a short period of time. Get your Bonus now!

Ripple rate is under the wheels – “death zone” shows where the journey will go

The financial markets in the world to currently hold the breath. In consequence of the possible impact by the expanding Corona-Virus for the economy, spreading fear of the next recession. Fear is never a good basis in the markets. Of course, the Crypto-market will not remain unaffected. On Wednesday, we wanted to look at the Ripple rate closer who has suffered more than its two rivals BTC and ETH under the downturn of the past few weeks. XRP is currently in a kind of “death zone” in which the course is encircled both up by Resistors, as well as down through supports. Where is the journey headed? You’ll see in this analysis of the events.

Bitcoin Is Money? – Learn what money is and the extent to which BTC matches

Especially in times like these, in which the inefficiency of our current financial system once again shows its impact, is the search for a long-term Alternative is more urgent than ever. It is often argued in this context, a question of whether Bitcoin is money or not. This lack of Argument, unfortunately, often to the necessary basic knowledge in the matter, to be able to make an informed opinion.The Least know what money actually is, what it is and why we need it. Today, we want to create, however, in the case of our readers to a remedy and explain what it is in this context, to know.In doing so, we restrict ourselves to the basic functions of money and the extent to which Bitcoin in this context fits. Summarized and simply stated. Only then will it be us in our conclusion, it is possible to decide whether Bitcoin is money or not. Learn in this article what is the least know but all should know.Trade on the worlds leading Social Trading platform!Join the millions of people who have already discovered how it smarter to invest by copying the best investors in our Community, or be copied and as a result, a second income can be achieved. Start now!

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