Bitcoin exchange rate dominance under pressure

The Bitcoin exchange rate increased again in the last days neat and suggests a possible correction for the time being behind. In this short-term up trend, the Bitcoin exchange rate has also brought some Altcoins from the Nirvana. The winner of the last days, especially the different Bitcoin Forks like Bitcoin, Cash and Bitcoin SV were. But other crypto-currencies, such as the Dash and Ethereum Classic could claim. It was part scary, that, seemingly out of nowhere, some of the aforementioned Altcoins 300% growth, and within a few days. How sustainable is this little Altcoin is a Pump and as it stands the Bitcoin exchange rate?

Altcoins will surpass Bitcoin exchange rate

The Bitcoin exchange rate Situation before the new year was rather bearish. Many have thought that the Bitcoin exchange rate has not yet arrived at his new floor, and soon in the direction of 5,000 USD moves. There have been many traders that have a falling rate. The majority was convinced that it goes downhill again. But, as so often, it all happened differently. The Bitcoin exchange rate is temporarily exploded to more than 10% above, and has liquidated several million USD in the Short positions. Currently, the BTC price is struggling at the USD 9,000 mark.
Typically, if the Bitcoin pumping rate, many fleeing traders from the Altcoin positions and buy BTC. As a result, although still some Altcoins into USD, since you are from the Bitcoin exchange rate dependent and is pulled along to be on the rise, but compared with the BTC portion of heavy losses are reported. However, this Time it was something different. Some of the Altcoins could not hold only in the exchange rate to BTC, but even BTC to outperform. The Bitcoin dominance has fallen from about 70% to 67.5%. But how sustainable is this Altcoin was the Pump? Before us is about an Altcoin Rally?

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Altcoins in front of a new Rally or just a blank?

In the past, started an Altcoin Rally so that the older projects have suddenly been pumped out of the Nothing. Similar to what was observed in the last days. It is not, at least, an indication that the time of the Altcoins is far from over. We have already looked at most recently, the trading volume of Bitcoin in SV may be due to more than 99% on Fake volume and Wash Trading. It is similar in part to some of these Altcoins. The volume of trading is so low that a Pump of more than 100% don’t really need so much money. Accordingly, it can also extend in the next few days, similar to that in the other direction.
But what is the point of a Manipulation of the Altcoin courses would have? The question is to answer relatively quickly and easily. Many exchanges now offer derivatives for Altcoins, where some with leverage up to 100x can be traded on rising and falling prices. In the run-up to the manipulators when a large Futures positions in the case of the Altcoins with a high leverage and manipulate then to the course. Prove it can hardly be but the assumption is that it runs so, or something like that.
While there are some Attempts to explain the recent Preispump of the Altcoins, but in the end, it remains pure speculation. We have found no well-founded reasons, which would justify such a strong price increase. Therefore, we need to assume a certain degree of Manipulation or a game of Whales. Another indication, which speaks for a Manipulation that is hardly new Retail have entered investors in the market. Thus, the courses have not been pumped with fresh money, but simply of the Great reallocated. In the end, it shows us the past, flows back it all back in Bitcoin. Because that is currently the Basis in the Crypto Space and a possible Store of Value for the future.

Bitcoin exchange rate continue to be on the green branch

There is currently to the Bitcoin rate? There is no question that Bitcoin is becoming more and more Mainstream and institutional investors at high interest. In addition, one of the most important events in a few months – the Bitcoin Halving. Although it is been said that the Halving was already priced in, but we do not know it. Regardless of the BTC Halving remains one of the most important events that have long-term effects on the Bitcoin price. The current fundamentals of Bitcoin, also speak in favour of a bullish Trend.
The big Altcoins Rally is expected by many experts until the Bitcoin price reaches a new all-time high. So as soon as the Bitcoin exchange rate reached a turnaround, and we are moving again to a new bear market. Only then Trader will try to achieve profits with Altcoins. In addition, a new all-time could rinse up again, a wave of new investors in the market, by the strong Marketing of some of the Altcoin projects, panels, and apparently a cheap “Bitcoin” Alternative purchase. At least it looked like after the Bullrun in 2017.
It will continue to be exciting to see how the Bitcoin price in the next few weeks and months will perform, if some Altcoins can lie down for a further Rally, and as the BTC rate on the approaching Halving will respond. 2020 is definitely going to be an exciting year for the entire Crypto Space.

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Before we have a Altcoin Rally? How will the Bitcoin price in the next few weeks?
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