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Bitcoin exchange rate forecast of $ 250,000 is still a conservative

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The venture capitalists, Tim Draper made in an Interview the statement that his Bitcoin exchange rate forecast of US $ 250,000 was assessed up to the year 2022, conservative and probably under.

Inflation and distrust of the government is to boost the BTC price

In an interview with BlockTV Draper explained that his famous $ 250,000 from the Bitcoin price forecast is conservative.

The $250,000 means that Bitcoin would then have about a 5 percent market share in the currency of the world and I think that could evaluate the Power of Bitcoin under.

The billionaire has continued his Bitcoin price forecast, which he described already in 2018 as “absolutely solid”, consistently. The Stock-to-Flow (S2F)-the model estimates the price of Bitcoin after the halving in the next year to 50,000 US dollars. Based on the current number of outstanding BTCs Bitcoin market capitalization is just under a trillion dollars.
BTCC-founder Bobby Lee believes that the Bitcoin exchange rate “could be reached in a very short time”, $ 200,000. According to Lee Bitcoin will be when it reaches again to 20,000$, the trigger for an even larger parabolic rise in the BTC admission all-time high price (ATH) in a new order of magnitude.
For Draper Bitcoin offers a viable Alternative to Fiat currency, since currency and government, more and more people distrust will drive in the direction of crypto-currencies.
During the interview, the founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) Venture Capital stressed the Situation in Argentina as an example of how the people will make the pivot point from Fiat to BTC.

Bitcoin needs to be easy to use

During the interview, Draper said, there’s still some work to do in order to facilitate the handling of Bitcoin. The DFJ-in-chief, who is himself a Bitcoin-owner, says that the ease of use will bring more people to crypto-currencies to implement and to use.
Already in February 2019 forecast Draper, that people will pay up to 2021 with Bitcoin your coffee. He was even part of the $ 1.25 million round of Investment for OpenNode – a Bitcoin payment processor Startup and the end of 2018.
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