Bitcoin exchange rate increase by new user?

The Bitcoin exchange rate shows in April so far, from a completely different page, than in March. While he was in the last month of extreme volatility due to the crash, such as, for example, the of 12. In March, showed he is showing this month is rather quiet. The complete April on the Bitcoin exchange rate moves so far, in the area between 6.650 USD 7.350 USD. Many now question whether it will be with the Crash have been or is this just the calm before the storm, and the next Crash. What will happen in the short term in the next few weeks and months, it is always difficult to predict. In the long term, however, 2 indicators speak clearly for a massive increase in the Bitcoin price. We will show you in this article what they are and explain the impact.

What brings the rise in Bitcoin price?

Consumed on a regular basis economic news, or even Crypto-News know that, in retrospect, always a very wide variety of reasons can be enumerated, when it came to price movements. If you look at the context, increases or losses, for example in the Bitcoin exchange rate come a little sober, then it is simply supply and demand.The Bitcoin price rises, therefore, in theory due to less supply or more demand. For the Former, will provide in mid-may, already is the Bitcoin Halving. Then, the daily average of newly created BTCs will drop from 1800 to 900, and so the supply decrease. That is not just bare theory, one could show the fact that in the past only after the Halvings to parabolic growth in the Bitcoin exchange rate.Trade on the worlds leading Social Trading platform!Join the millions of people who have already discovered how it smarter to invest by copying the best investors in our Community, or be copied and as a result, a second income can be achieved. Start now!

Bitcoin exchange rate in the long term could be fueled

The other side of the coin, the heating up of the Bitcoin price in the long term, and could rise is, of course, increased demand. And this is precisely the point of crisis, and the lock downs since the Use of the Corona around the globe is an Interesting development. As the Crypto-analysis company Glassnode shows in a Blog article that peaked the interest and the number of new users of Bitcoin in the last few weeks very strongly.The shows not least, a massive increase of new users on Crypto-exchanges, such as Kraken, OKex, Bitfinex, Paxful, and Luno. Kraken, for example, registered a growth of 83% in new registrations, and a 300 percent increase in between checks, which allow users to Fiat immediately to pay.Another indicator that underpins this development of the increasing interest in BTC, the number of daily new users in the Bitcoin network. This almost tripled from mid-March to beginning of April from 6,000 to 17,000.

Many users withdraw BTCs to resist

Parallel to this development, there is another indicator that underpins the long-term Thinking of the investors and the Bitcoin price in the future in new heights could drive. What is meant is the outflow of BTCs from Exchanges.How Glassnode performs in your article, it came in the same period, since mid-March, to an increased deduction of BTCs of Crypto-exchanges, what to see in the balance sheets of the Exchanges to. This suggests that many investors want to store their BTCs prefer to use Cold Wallets, and therefore most likely in the long term, remain invested.As so often, a possible explanation of this development is the Narrative of the “Safe Harbor” and the “Digital gold” around Bitcoin. Especially in uncertain times like these, and the expected higher Inflation, investors are looking to invest for ways to your money. This is really the reason for the increase in new users in BTC, of course, is not clearly assignable. Nevertheless, the two indicators suggest a long-term increase in the Bitcoin price hope.

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