Bitcoin exchange rate nibbling on the additional$7,000 mark, but could provide these reasons for the breakthrough?

The Bitcoin price seems to have slowly from the severe blow-recovered, he has two weeks ago suffered. Now, since about a week he fights the mark of $ 7,000 to break through. However, as it is ordered currently to Bitcoin? How is going out of this fight? There may be a tendency?Let’s get together on these issues, and more a closer look!Please note: None of this articles listed is to Formulate in any way the trading recommendations. This and the following article are solely for the exchange of information with our readership. Neither crypto Monday nor the author of this text shall be liable for any loss incurred as a result of the trading decisions of our readers. DYOR!

Fundamental reasons for the current price dynamics

Why bounces off of the Bitcoin exchange rate to the additional$ 7,000? Now, among other things, there are three fundamental reasons, which are probably the Bitcoin exchange rate and its upward momentum in the way. What is the the are.

#1 global market uncertainty weighs on the Bitcoin exchange rate

Due to the recent unfavorable events that plague the global economy, the investors from investing or trading with Bitcoin restrained. The reason is that they fear a greater upcoming volatility.The Bitcoin price is traded this week close to the 7,000 $-brand. This suggests that, although currently new buyers come on the market, however, there is also a strong selling pressure. This is likely to depend, among other things, also with the Miner to surrender together.

#2 Fiat money is currently preferred

Since the effects of the outbreak of the pandemic continue to grow, the need for the furloughed workers desperate for money to cover their needs in this restrictive period of time. This led many to liquidate their digital assets, including Bitcoin. This means that many are selling and additional selling pressure on the Bitcoin price.

#3 Young adults are under pressure

The cryptocurrency industry is dominated by people under the age of 35. In the Wake of the global crisis, this population is at risk group, especially due to the current Situation. In this age, savings are usually hardly available, so that expenditure in all directions need to be shortened.

Bitcoin exchange rate is still a bullish tendency

In spite of the above reasons, it signals the strength of the Bitcoin exchange rate continues to be a healthy Portion. He holds to date successfully 6,500 $limit and seems to get through the 50 MA line on the daily Chart, additional Support.However, this is not Far from everything. There are both fundamental and technical reasons that speak for a Bitcoin price rise. Including the Following cases, among others:more and more people are looking for Alternatives to protect themselves against an impending high Inflation.Upcoming digital currencies by Central banks will step up the search for a medium of exchange, which protects the privacy of. Bitcoin could in this respect represent the entry level for many into the world of crypto-currencies.According to Google, to purchase the interest in Bitcoin is so high as not in a long time.The Puell Multiple indicator has indicated for the Bitcoin price bottom out.A Miner capitulation, an upward trend took place in the past. At least the Hash Ribbons indicator impressively demonstrates.If you want to know what these above points in Detail for the Bitcoin exchange rate and its future, then just take a look at the following article: Bitcoin is so bullish like never before? These indicators speak for the next Bullrun!In any case, it is thus clear that the next few weeks could be for Bitcoin to be very interesting.

It is at the time to buy Bitcoin now?

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