Bitcoin exchange rate of 17,000 USD

The Bitcoin exchange rate has shifted the entire Crypto-Community in the last few days once again in a frenzy, as the price for one of the coveted fundamental shot about 11,000 USD brand. In addition, the up to the year 2017 back end of the trend line was broken upwards. Many of the questions now, where exactly is going. While some hold to this strong rise, a correction is likely, others are still very bullish. When it comes to a Top Trader, has vorhergesgt the V-Shape recovery in the case of BTC since March will reach the Bitcoin price in the coming months of 17,000 USD. What exactly is it?

The Trader says Bitcoin rate of 17,000 USD previously

The Top Trader is the Twitter Account namanes “Ethereum Jack” (@BTC_JackSparrow). According to him, the Bitcoin exchange rate will crack up no later than the end of the year, the $ 17,000 mark. Ethereum Jack is among other things known for the fact that he said shortly after the 50% Crash in March that it would give a quick V-shaped recovery. So he should keep right.

As the reason for his Bitcoin exchange rate forecast Ethereum Jack sees that this price target would complete an ABC Elliot Wave pattern. The Elliot wave is a kind of technical analysis, which predicts that markets move in predictable waves, “with persistent changes of investor sentiment and psychology hang together”.

He writes on Twitter:

$BTC offers the cleanest Breakout-Retest setup that I have seen in a long time, while each corrective wave since 4K is a vertical re-accumulation.
This has loves all of the features of a strong extended fifth (Elliot wave), apart from BTC, which is generally extended fifth
What Time Is #SchiffBTC?

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Other experts also see strong Performance

With its bullish forecasts for the Bitcoin exchange rate Ethereum Jack is Far from alone. According to Brian Kelly from news channel CNBC Bitcoin is ready to surprise the naysayers once again and to begin a parabolic Bullrun.

In a new Interview with CNBC’s “Fast Money” points out Kelly at the recent Halving of the Bitcoin, by the newly coming onto the market offer has been halved, as a main reason for this is that the Bitcoin price will surpass in the midst of the shaky world economy, Gold.

And when I look at precious metals against Bitcoin, has Bitcoin to have better fundamentals. And in the case of the fundamentals I am talking about the Stock-to-Flow ratio. It is at this time better than Gold, because we had a Halving, and when I look at the Bitcoin-cycles, tend the bull markets to group the Halvings around.

The CNBC Analyst with his forecast even bullisher, as Ethereum Jack and calls up a Bitcoin exchange rate of 20,000 USD in the next 6 months, as well as a prize of USD 50,000 by next year.

We keep track of the halving of the cycle in 2016, and that would mean that you have to at some point in the second quarter of 2021, a Bitcoin price of $ 50,000 in front of him. So this is something like the long-term goal.

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