Bitcoin exchange rate of 300,000 USD

Bitcoin is by no means an undeniable Investment. On the one hand, there is BTC and Crypto-Fans, the fundamentals deal with the matter. Some of them are convinced. On the other hand, there are also many critics. These have decided, in spite of extensive Research against BTC, or are still skeptical about it. However, it is clear that the Narrative around Bitcoin as “digital gold” mid-2020, in a time of global uncertainty more sense than ever. One who has not recognized the value of Bitcoin since the corona crisis, the investment legend Bill Miller. He already got in 2013 in the area and has already collected a lot of experience. In a new Interview, Miller predicted, indirectly, a Bitcoin price of $ 300,000. We explain to you how he founded the exactly.

Bitcoin exchange rate to 300,000 USD or more

Bill Miller is in the USA, a well-known Investor and is with his 70 years, is currently Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of his own company “Miller Value Partners”. His company manages a total of 3 billion USD in assets.

In a new Interview with “Future Proof”, which was organized by the “Galaxy Fund Management” of the well-known Mike Novogratz Miller tells how he came to Bitcoin, why he invested and how he sees the future of the digital Assets.

Has started, according to him, everything in the year 2013, when the Bitcoin price was almost $ 200 and he made his first purchases. As the course went on to over 1000 USD, and shortly after by the Mt. Gox Hack fell again to USD 200, after he bought more. So, an average price per BTC of $ 300 was for him.

To date, he has sold according to own statements no Bitcoin and for the Bitcoin price to a rosy future, which (on the basis of his average purchase price per Coin) at a price of 300,000 USD or more.

I could make 100 times my money. I could earn 1,000 times, maybe even more than that. I can only lose 100%… I have it still. I have not sold any Bitcoin…

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What are the reasons the Star Investor sees?

In the last quote, Bill Miller, speaks to a very interesting aspect of BTC at the current Bitcoin price is so interesting: the asymmetric risk-reward ratio. As Miller describes it simply means that you can lose 100% of his money, but on the other hand, has the Potential to really earn very high yields of several hundred to several thousand percent, which in the past were quite possible.

A further interesting aspect of the Investor speaks with the further justification he sees for BTC even with such a large Potential, and in 2013 has begun to invest: the digital Asset is so versatile that it doesn’t need to occupied all the niches in order to be successful. One of the many application possibilities is enough.

The nature of what tried to do it, had a lot of different ways to win. My view was that if one of these different things – it would lead to a currency, it would to a payment system, it would to a non-correlated asset value – one of these things, let alone all of them, to a very dramatic development in the underlying price would lead. This also includes the fact that it is based on 21 million Bitcoin to be limited and decentralized. It is not able to be manipulated or to be cancelled.

Less risk at the current Bitcoin exchange rate than in the past

In addition, Bill Miller looks at the current Bitcoin price of about USD 9,000 much less risk in an Investment, as to the time, when he entered. This is for all of today’s newcomers a decisive advantage:

For the most of the assets that you buy, The more you go up in price, the less value can be derived from it, and the more risky it is. Bitcoin is in the unusual position of being able to be the exact opposite of that. It was very risky, as it was traded at a Dollar, $5 or $10. It would have been easy to disappear.

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