Bitcoin exchange rate of $to 8,400) and (3 news items for the October start

The bitcoin (BTC) exchange rate let the last night be the $to 8,400 cross-border and all major altcoins are rigid in nature.
The cryptomunten able to gain against the Us dollar. The Ether (ETH), and EOS (EOS) is also a plus compared to a single bitcoin (BTC).

1. Bitcoin price

The price of BTC over the past 24 hours, has steadily gone up from $7.800 up with the $to 8,400.

source: Cryptocompare
We will look at the technical picture, then look in the direction of the daily moving average to get out of (200 daily MA indicator is red.). In a positive sign, according to an analyst/trader for All Brush.

To $9,000 each, but? According to Luke, Martin’s is the next stop for BTC, as witnessed by this series of tweets.

Repels bitcoin for this momentum to keep going to the cryptomarkt with a side of choice (bitcoin us. altcoins) or will there be capital to flow into this counter-cyclical assetklasse?
At 12: 00 pm for a fresh technical analysis of the John and More at this site.

2. ‘HODL’ not a trade’

A recommendation on Twitter for the experienced investor, Dan Tapiero. He shared a very interesting state, in which the holding of the bitcoin over the long term, always pays off.

3. Bittrex will open an office in Liechtenstein

From a formal perspective, it announced that Bittrex is in June, but for now, there will be more details available: in the stock market to open a new office in Valduz, Liechtenstein.
It is a small country in europe is establishing itself more and more as the hub is a welcoming regulatory environment for the blockchain, and cryptobedrijven.
Bittrex is planning to make with the products on the market that are compliant with the European laws and regulations. In addition, you should think about getting a security token offerings, the issuance of the digital shares of the existing companies.

4. parent is behind on the EOS, edited with the SEC for $24 million

However, the news of the day, the day on which we are this morning, have a message Block.One of the blockchainbedrijf behind cryptomunt EOS, a fine of $24 million from the Securities & Exchange Commission.
According to the SEC, the EOS cryptomunt as a “security,” and was, therefore, the tokenverkoop does not meet the Us securities law.
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