Bitcoin exchange rate shortly before the Bullrun, or crash?

The Bitcoin exchange rate has finished the April last week with a small fireworks. From Wednesday to Thursday, the price of a BTC has increased from 7.800 to 9.400 USD. This increase of about 1600 USD, and about 20% within a little more than a day was the 14. Day total in the history of BTC is the Bitcoin price rose to $ 1,000 or more. In the meantime, the price is a bit lower in a consolidation phase and trading at just under 8.650 USD.A lot of questions, so right now where it goes so just before the Halving. We are after the strong recovery since the middle of March, finally on the verge of a Bullrun or right, a crash is now coming to the good Performance in the first place? If history rhymes, then the fact that the Bitcoin price has closed 7 weeks in a row with a profit, for instance, could a Bullrun.

Bitcoin exchange rate Bullrun like in 2019?

As Zack Voell, a former associate at block stream and current Analyst at Coindesk, in today’s Twitter Post properly turned out, managed the Bitcoin exchange rate which has led in the past 7 weeks, in the past, to a time Bullrun. The Bitcoin exchange rate has closed the last 7 weeks with a profit.

As if this were not enjoyable enough, it is obvious that the same pattern has already occurred almost exactly one year ago in March and April 2019 (see yellow box in image). At that time, the Bitcoin price managed to recorded in 7 weeks, Plus what caused the end of the bear market and a Bullrun up to 14,000 USD in the top to mid-2019.In March and April, 2019, the Bitcoin exchange rate within 7 weeks, managed to jump of 3,700 to 5,300 USD. This Time, the Momentum is much stronger. The price could rise in the last few weeks, from below $ 4,000 to more than 9,000 USD. Another bullishes Signal is that the BTC price is above the 50 – and the 200-week MA (moving average = moving average) is. Nevertheless, the development of the BTC price in the next few weeks is not a unique runner.Trade on the worlds leading Social Trading platform!Join the millions of people who have already discovered how it smarter to invest by copying the best investors in our Community, or be copied and as a result, a second income can be achieved. Start now!

Or right of the crash-are now at risk in the first place?

The fact that the Bitcoin exchange rate has in the long term, a very large Potential for tremendous growth, many Bitcoin Fans agree. Controversial to be discussed, however, rather short-term developments. Thus, the above-mentioned pattern of the 7 weeks, suggesting a profit in a row on a soon-to-be crash. It wouldn’t be the first Time that a Phase of strong development, a Phase of the correction follows.In connection with the imminent Halving of the Bitcoin exchange rate could face in the next few weeks, a crash. Because after the two Events in 2012 and 2016, the price from the bags in the 30-60 days after that only once.

On Saturday we had indicated in our article that the fact that the Bitcoin exchange rate last week has risen within a day to more than $ 1,000 is not a bullishes Signal. Quite the opposite even. Historically, the Performance on average is to such days even -38% within the next 90 days.Finally, you have to hold on to so as so often, that you can not say exactly where the Bitcoin exchange rate will develop. The above used examples and statistics leave open for a Bullrun, as well as for a short-term crash all the doors. If you’re convinced of your own in-depth Research of Bitcoin, or the high volatility to Trade take advantage of want to, we can recommend you according to your own extensive testing eToro as a Partner. See for you self!

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