Bitcoin exchange rate soon at 20,000 USD

Mike Novogratz is one of the most well-known Bitcoin expert in the Crypto-Space. If the former employee of Goldman Sachs and current CEO of Galaxy Digital with a Bitcoin exchange rate lodging forecast, the tips of many of the Crypto-Fans ears. In 2 recently published interview, the billionaire Investor is bullish now extremely. In short, Novogratz sees a Crypto Revolution to come, and predicted a “soon-to-be” Bitcoin exchange rate of 20,000 USD. However, as sage comes to its advance?

BTC and Crypto Revolution waiting in the wings

For years, Mike Novogratz, is an avowed Crypto-, but, above all, a Bitcoin Fan and certifies the entire range, but especially the number 1 BTC a bright future.

In a new Interview with Finance Magnates, Novogratz explains his point of view why he sees a Crypto-Revolution. This could be, in his opinion, so far-reaching that 8 out of 10 institutional investors will be invested in the next 5 years, in crypto-currencies. This of course would have a massive impact on the Bitcoin price:

Apart from the fact that Bitcoin is a substitute for Gold, is a digital Revolution underway, and the payments will shift with time. There will be a ‘crypto-Dollar’, as it is a ‘crypto-Yuan’ and a ‘crypto-Euro’ will be… I think each Portfolio is crypto included in the…
Even those who are not yet here, it is clear that it is inevitable that we will have at the end of a lot of Crypto Assets. It is a matter of time.

In order for this Crypto can thrive Revolution, of course, must be done on the part of the legislator a good Ragulation. While the United States scored here in the past, rather less to the efforts of most Nations, you can imagine Novogratz, the change at the top of the SEC will be positive for Crypto. He says in another Interview with CNBC.

Under the previous supervision of Jay Clayton, the SEC has rejected several proposals for a Bitcoin ETF. It is always speculated about whether such an ETF could open the gates for a massive Bitcoin rate increase.

Bitcoin exchange rate “soon” to 20,000 USD?

Just in relation to other countries, Mike Novogratz sees the USA in a tight spot, to be not of other Nations suspended:

China suggested, in fact, with Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, a regional crypto-currency, which is currency to your trading…
It is impossible for me to know that we have sometime no stable coins or crypto-versions of the dollar, a digital Version of the dollar, which are really to that with which we do business.

In spite of this, in principle, a very bullish attitude to crypto-currencies in itself, does not think Novogratz, that Bitcoin will ultimately replace the US Dollar. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin exchange rate could benefit in the short-term future is solid.

Here, Novogratz sees in addition to the just mentioned Crypto-Revolution and institutionalization, especially the Quantitative easing by the FED as a driver, the pumps in the Wake of the corona crisis even more money in the markets than before. Leaving him to his Bitcoin exchange rate forecast of up to 20,000 USD:

It will not surprise me if we reach $ 10,000, and then you will see 14,000 and $ 20,000.

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