Bitcoin exchange rate soon to 9,000 USD? Difficulty adjustment could increase selling pressure

The Bitcoin Difficulty adjustment ensures that each BTC Block is found on average every 10 minutes. The Hashrate is increasing at a constant Difficulty, will be found a Block faster than 10 minutes, and vice versa. The Difficulty adjustment is every 2016 blocks and is based on the average time it took in this period, in fact, to find a Bitcoin Block. If the time of 10 minutes has been exceeded, then the Difficulty is increased. When the 10 minutes are exceeded, then the Difficulty drops. This function is one of the most important in the game-theoretical concept of Bitcoin. Now, the biggest Difficulty adjustments is in this year short.

The founder of, Preston Pysh, and the CEO of block goods, Mining, Matt D’souza, assume that Bitcoin, the Difficulty will fall, due to the adjustment far below the 9,000 mark. In addition, both experts are sure that it is an excellent opportunity to buy the Dip.

In a few hours, the Bitcoin Difficulty adjustment instead find

Joseph Young, a renowned Bitcoin expert and Kolumbist, has enumerated a number of important factors, the Bitcoin press this week, probably down. One of them is the upcoming Difficulty adjustment, which is currently around 15-16% is. The Difficulty will increase and it is therefore more difficult for the Miner to find a Block.

Young expects that it will likely be the biggest Difficulty adjustment since January 2018. He calls but there are also other factors that could be driving the Bitcoin price down. It is mainly on the technical analysis of Bitcoin Charts. Among other things, that a large resistance at $ 10,500, and a high purchasing demand of 8,900 USD. He also sees a bearish Triple-Top Formation.

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BTC will fall, according to Mining expert, to below 9,000 USD

The CEO of block goods, Mining, Matt D’souza, shared his opinion on the forthcoming BTC Difficulty adjustment, and to the question of whether this will have an impact on the Bitcoin price. In a Tweet, he said that Bitcoin will be in the next two weeks, under a lot of pressure.

Between Bitcoin under 9.500 $ and the adaptation of game rooms and the difficulty of the game rooms will remain thin. Bitcoin has sold in the last hour the stock Futures. We will see in the coming weeks, a lot of pressure

He expected that the price will fall below 9,500 USD. He also wrote that the spread between USD 9,000 and 7,600 USD would offer excellent prices for the accumulation. He goes there.of that the selling pressure over the next few weeks will continue to increase. Especially from the miner side.

It is currently not possible to predict how strong the Bitcoin exchange rate, if any, will fall. Because in the normal case, the Hashrate of the Miner around is oriented on the basis of price and not otherwise. On the other hand, it could happen that the Miner will need some of your stocks to sell due to the increased Difficulty. It remains, as always, exciting.

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