Bitcoin exchange rate to 300,000 USD after Halving

The Bitcoin price has. in the past few weeks, steadily, from the 50% Crash from 12 March is recovering and is currently trading back at over 7,500 USD. The course areas with which the king of crypto-currencies already in the year 2020 is started and the were reached in February in front of the corona of a crisis. Nevertheless, appearances are deceiving possible. Many expect a downward trend in the coming weeks or months. This also coincides with yesterday’s Bitcoin price analysis of our TA experts, Felix.But how it looks in the long term? The “money printing spree” of the Central banks, the billionaire Michael Novogratz, to be referred to some time ago, could fuel the Bitcoin price in the long term and for higher classes, as already by some of the models are predicted. As the financial Analyst and Podcaster Preston Pysh has now given in an Interview his Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for the time after the next Halving at the Best, which exceeds that of the common course goals.

Bitcoin exchange rate to 300,000 USD in the next cycle

The mentioned Interview took place between Preston Pysh, and Nathan Latka, and can be viewed on Youtube. In short Pysh looks at the next Halving Event as a catalyst for a massive increase in the Bitcoin price in the next few years.His forecast exceeds the common assumptions of 100,000 USD by far. According to the Pysh of Bitcoin will rise in price up to $ 300,000.

I think that it will go only up to $ 100,000 and then stop? Hell to the no. It will go directly through this number. It will probably go to 200,000 to 300,000$.

Also for the time after the Reach of this new all-time highs Pysh has his very own theory. While common forecasts assume that the Bitcoin rate will drop to 30,000 to 40,000 USD, he thinks that the price crashes to only 80,000 to 100,000 USD.

[…] then it will come back to the 80,000 to 100,000 Dollar mark. And there it will remain until the next four-year Halving Event.

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How realistic is the forecast?

Preston Pysh alongside a number of financial analysts or traders who have their very own moon forecasts. But otherwise, such as PlanB, which is the Stock-to-Flow-model is known, provides Pysh here is no exact reason for his Bitcoin target price of 300,000 USD.In an Interview with the financial analyst, however, also on the long-term decline of the US dollar in the Wake of the corona of a crisis. It is therefore possible, that a possible weakening of Fiat currencies to play with in his Bitcoin exchange rate forecast and this is therefore much higher than comparable opinions.Overall, the future is of course impossible to accurately predict, and not easy, this approach with a forecast. So it is no wonder that the moon forecasts of most of the experts differ greatly. Underestimated could be of many that is required with increasing market capitalization, more and more capital in order to drive the Bitcoin price to new heights.It is crucial, however, that the opinion of many, such as, for example, show the of billionaires Mike Novogratz and Tim Draper, the really fundamental with the topic of Bitcoin, all in one direction: upwards. The exact amount of Bitcoin exchange rate predictions can then, of course, argue. If you follow the topic of Bitcoin for a while, is to think that BTC in the world delivers more value and your own Research have made, we can place you as a Partner in the Broker eToro to the heart.

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