Bitcoin exchange rate to unfathomable heights buy on-the-go & Square BTC for 1.500.000.000$

The Bitcoin exchange rate showed up in the last few days, bullish, however, as we will show in this article, could be the could be nothing compared to what is to follow.

We will talk about what is going on currently in the multi-billion dollar giants of the financial industry and its attitude towards Bitcoin and the extent to which the moon forecasts, such as 400.000$ per BTC to their name have earned.

Stay tuned is worth it this time even more than usual, because this article could give you a life changing perspective on the Bitcoin exchange rate and its future Potential.

The Big drive already the Bitcoin train

According to the cryptographic analysis company Messari of the financial services giant Square has bought in the last 12 months, BTC, worth about 1.5 billion dollars to the massive customers demand of its mobile Payment App.

Most of these BTC purchases were made in the last quarter in which the Bitcoin exchange rate could be compared to many traditional Assets, clear points and a better Performance was recorded as a long-standing and as the crisis safe-haven Assets. The Cash App by Square is reported in each case that the BTC were purchased to the value of 858 million dollars between April and June. This corresponds to an increase of more than 186% compared to the BTC purchases the 1. Quarter in value of almost $ 300 million, and underlines the fact that Bitcoin is becoming more popular as an investment value.

The customers can buy using the Cash App, Bitcoin, seems to have for the financial service provider will be paid out. According to Square, the App saw a massive increase in the BTC-turnover and gross profit in the second quarter of 2020.

Cash App posted in the second quarter of 2020 875 million dollars in Bitcoin sales and 17 million US dollars to Bitcoin’s gross profit, which represents an increase of 600% and 711% in comparison to the previous year.

In may, the App from Square has enabled a new feature that allows users to make automatic and recurring Bitcoin purchases. Users can set the App so that BTC purchases are made according to a regular schedule and you have the opportunity, the value of your crypto-Assets in Sats (Satoshis), the smallest unit of Bitcoin, display. This allows the customers of Square even proven investment strategies such as our Bitcoin savings plan, apply, and simultaneously ensures a sustained demand, which could deliver the Bitcoin exchange rate, in turn, over time, the Foundation for his next Bullrun.

The large Payment Provider can offer their customer the purchase of crypto-currencies, a Trend that is increasing more and more. This type of Service is also something that is expected soon from PayPal. Because according to the rumor mill, this Payment giant could offer to its 300 million users to the Crypto-to buy trade and perhaps the possibility of Bitcoin soon.

The next Bitcoin price rally might be beyond our imagination

If the Bitcoin price rises, it rises with him at all times, the number of bullish forecasts for the future value per BTC. The prominent Crypto-expert Anthony Pompliano believes, for example, that the Bitcoin price will reach the$400,000 mark, and even a larger market capitalisation than Gold will reach. With this opinion, he is not alone, because a study of a Crypto research group, suggests that the Bitcoin exchange rate could be closer to a price of 400,000$.

Many may sneer at such a Bitcoin exchange rate predictions just tired and like to remind, that it should stay you’d better ask on the ground of reality. But how unrealistic such a “moon forecasts are” really? The are nothing more than Expressions of a hopeless dreamer, or the necessary perspective are missing other easy?

I suggest that we answer these questions with a little Experiment. For this purpose, we look at the following Chart that shows the Bitcoin exchange rate and its incredible rise in the month view. Within 10 months, the Bitcoin’s rate to a whopping 8.000% has soared.

Just imagine that you would be dropped out of this top, just before the Bitcoin exchange rate continued into a long-lasting correction passed and 13 months steadily fell, until its value has only accounted for around 14% of the all-time highs. It took then a further 7 months of consolidation before the Bitcoin exchange rate to rise gradually again started easily. The interest in Bitcoin was until then, relatively to the great Bullrun but only a fleeting shadow of former levels.

This would reach the Bitcoin exchange rate ever again be this insane Hype and the incredible price increase that was more than audacious claim. A bit of positive Momentum and a slight rise in Bitcoin exchange rate doesn’t mean after all that you could ever ascend to the heights of at the time, and if it is, then you should consider yourself happy and not with any unrealistic price projections in order to throw the assume, that one of the Bullrun is to come and this time will be even bigger than the last.

So something unrealistic ramblings is paired with lurid Headlines, which will feed the dreamer with any illusions. That’s all.

However, many forget that our world was built on daring to Dream. Much of what was once considered unthinkable, is now completely normal. It is only a matter of perspective. We look now to what is in the future, it is, by nature, difficult to comprehend, while things and their developments, which are in the past, lying there, completely clear, and clearly open for us. The same applies for the Bitcoin price and the possible price potential that is inherent in it.

Because we back the above Bullrun in the right perspective, so we know today that the people of that time, have laughed then – “Moon forecast” tired, has only lacked the necessary foresight. For the above example, the Bullrun of 2013 (in the following Chart with the blue arrow marked), which has been surpassed 4 years later by almost 20 times.

Bullrun 2013 compared to the Bullrun in 2017.

And this was not a one-time thing, because of the Bullrun of 2011 is quite the same. In this time, the Bitcoin price rose in a few months, by 5,000%, and by a long delivery after this ongoing correction in which the price broke above 93% at the High. The rapid increase and the damlige High of 2011, is in the above Chart at all.

So when we talk about Bitcoin price forecasts as 400.000$ per BTC, are really just wild Dreams or it is missing the other simply in the right perspective?

To answer the question I’ll leave to yourself.

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