Bitcoin exchange rate to USD 20,000 to the end of the year? Billionaire looks to Stop the recent rally

Bitcoin and the entire Crypto-market is a fast-paced week. It all began on the last Sunday, as the Bitcoin exchange rate broke down, for the first time in many months, the 10,000 USD mark by. After a short setback under this limit, the BTC passed on early Monday morning, the $ 10,000 again and keeps you safe since then. In the meantime, the BTC price rose with increasing Momentum, even to 11.350 USD.

After a phase of consolidation in the last few days around the 11,000 USD, the Bitcoin exchange rate on Friday, a new high for the year at approx. 11.450 USD. At the time of writing of the article, the course is just over 11,300 USD. But where does it go now? Will BTC keep the Momentum and new heights to climb, or come back, as so often, is a crash? When it comes to the billionaire Mike Novogratz, is Bitcoin to the end of the year to reach all-time high of 20,000 USD. What is his opinion?

Mike Novogratz sees Bitcoin price at the time of ATH the end of the year

The Bitcoin exchange rate is in comparison to a week ago, a full 18% in the Plus. This should also taste the former Goldman Sachs employee and current CEO of Galaxy Digital. Novogratz has reported for months about an increased interest and increased purchase behavior of institutional investors in Bitcoin.

According to the Crypto-will be able to get enthusiasts of the Bitcoin exchange rate current Momentum and continue climbing. The billionaire goes even a step further and thinks that BTC will reach the end of the year to be current all time high of 20,000 USD from the year 2017.

As reasons Novogratz, in a CNBC Interview, especially a “liquidity Pump” by the actions of the Central banks and an increased interest from private investors:

The liquidity story will not disappear. We will receive a great Stimulus. (…) It looks as if the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates.

Only on Monday in the US, plans for a further stimulation were presented package in the amount of 1 trillion USD.

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Adoption of private and institutional page

Before the Bitcoin exchange rate rises to all-time high of 20,000 USD, looks Novogratz is an important brand for $ 14,000, which has to cope with the BTC price in the first place. Novogratz also said, he will see gradually more and more institutional investors in Bitcoin to invest, but warned that Wall Street investors would have to go through in comparison to Gold is a learning curve.

Gold for 3,000 years. It is quite easy to buy. There is an adoption game in Bitcoin, you don’t have in Gold.

But not only of institutional investors, the interests seem to be on an ascending Branch. The Crypto-exchange BinanceUS saw the trade volume of Bitcoin reached its platform to an all-time high, as the Bitcoin price soared on Monday in the height. Catherine Coley, CEO of the Exchange says:

As Bitcoin and other digital currencies are easier than ever accessible, we see an increase in Bitcoin interest, since the market is this second economic stimulus takes the package in advance.

Do you believe in the opinion of the Novogratz?

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