Bitcoin exchanges are experiencing unprecedented BTC-drain – what does that mean?

Bitcoin is occurred in a solid sideways movement, because the Asset has to work hard to achieve in the short term, a significant dynamics.This follows on from the last rejection in the case of 9.900 Dollar, which raised Concerns that the violent resistance could prove to $ 10,000 as insurmountable.This short-term volatility does not seem to concern investors, because data shows that the stock markets since the 12th century. March a net decline of BTC in the value of $ 3 billion have been recorded.
Bitcoin and the market for aggregated crypto-currencies were affected in recent times of immense volatility, with a large part of this volatility the buyer of the crypto-has favored currency.
This level has been confirmed in the last days and weeks several times as a strong support.
An event that could help give him in the coming days and weeks, a steady rise, the Trend is that investors currencies your Crypto off exchanges, and to shift your own storage solutions (Wallets etc.).
This Trend has melt in the time after the core 12. March get a significant boost, and is indicative that investors pursue a long-term investment strategy.

Stock exchanges are witnessing a unprecedented Bitcoin drain

The price action on the 12. March – a day that is now known as “Black Thursday” – has shocked the investors and the trust in centralized platforms is reduced.
Following the event, many investors and analysts had expressed the presumption that the decline of values came at the end of the liquidation to the crypto Trading platform BitMEX.
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As a winner of a downward trend and Long-began to liquidate positions, proved to be the selling pressure for the buyer as insurmountable, and this has led to the fact that Bitcoin has fallen to low levels by 3,800$.
This decline came the Moment to a standstill, as BitMEX Trading stopped on the platform, reducing the price could then his subsequent “V-shaped recovery” to start.
In the aftermath of these events, investors began to remove in a fast pace, your Bitcoins from the exchanges.
A popular Analyst writes in a Tweet about it and refers to data from the Blockchain Analytics company Glassnode.

“The stock markets continue to record steady BTC withdrawals. The balances have fallen since the Black Thursday in order to >300k BTC (~$3B). The lowest balance on the stock exchanges since the 22. May 2019, almost a year after today.“

Image courtesy of Ceteris Paribus, the data of Glassnode

Investors pursue long-term strategy

This Trend seems to be for two things indicative.
First of all, the vast majority of these investors are likely to move their Bitcoins in Cold Storage Wallets. Because this limits the accessibility of the crypto-currency and the sale a little more difficult, this suggests that investors take a long-term approach to your investment strategy.This Trend also signals that investors may lose confidence in centralized platforms – after all, BitMEX is for a third of all crypto-currencies to be responsible, which have been deducted in the last few months of the stock exchanges.
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