Bitcoin falls under $8.200 – and almost every Bitcoin metric is in the red area

Bitcoin is currently fighting to hold above the 8,000-to$-Support in a hostile market in which almost every metric is bearish. The drop in the number of more profitable holder in the network, and a shockingly sharp decline in large transactions to 97 percent of the world’s largest crypto-currency to create huge.

Almost every Bitcoin-metric in the red zone

The world’s largest crypto-currency was made at the beginning of the week is massive, although most of the forecasts expect a slow and steady price recovery. A massive selloff triggered in less than 24 hours, a decline of more than four percent, while Bitcoin is struggling to stay over 8,000$.
It is not only the price goes down. The latest data from the cryptographic-analysis-company-into-theblock show: More other signals indicate a bearish mood.
Bitcoin is one of the few crypto-currencies, with the most of the investors have lost any money at all – but the incredibly volatile price has increased in the last few days, the number of addresses that have lost money with Bitcoin.
For each address with a BTC balance into theblock identifies the average price at which purchased the Coins, and compares it with the current price. The calculation of how many addresses are in or out of the money, gives a more realistic picture about the volatility of an asset.
Although more than two-thirds of the addresses are in the money, the number of people with loss of balances the rich has risen in the past week, dramatically.

The Bitcoin network is stagnating

The increased number of addresses out of the money, could have brought the Bitcoin network to a halt. The average transaction size to the average balance in the network, everything is on the decline, the only-slightly-growing measure is the number of bears that appeared on the market.
Large transactions in the network had a big success. The number of transactions above US $ 100,000 fell in less than two days to almost 35 percent, while the total volume was cut in half.
In accordance with a decrease in the number of large transactions, the total number of transactions on the network is decreased.
While a hand full of optimists left, most analysts and traders are now a bear market. A downward trend should last until the end of the year, and by 2020 to continue, it could come the first Time to a Bitcoin Halving, while he is bearish.
Bitcoin, currently, by market capitalization, the number 1 has fallen in the last 24 hours of 3.95%. BTC has a market capitalization of $147,83 B in the case of a 24-hours-a volume of $23,83

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