Bitcoin Flash Crash, Ethereum rate forecast of 8000$, IOTA Hack & why Ripple the Amazon of Crypto and Satoshi is an invention of the CIA is

Welcome to our crypto Monday of the week in review of the KW 8! As usual, this week has again much to report significant and so it is not surprising that we can again come up with a whole range of interesting News for you.
Our topics range from the Bitcoin price Flash Crash, about moon predictions for the Ethereum course, Ripple News, a Bitcoin Whale alert, to the IOTA Hack.
Of course, this was not Far from everything! However, much more is not revealed at this point, because in the Following, we have you in the usual regalia of the Highlights of the last week bit by bit and easily digestible manner.
But enough of the Preface. A lot of fun with our crypto Monday of the week in review!
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Bitcoin price Flash Crash BTC breaks with 9% to USD 900

What was THAT about? These questions were asked a lot of Bitcoin bulls, as the Bitcoin exchange rate fell on Thursday within 20 minutes, around 900 USD.
The Bitcoin exchange rate had shown the last few weeks, an extremely strong rally, and even made it briefly on the$10,000-to jump brand. More surprising was the rapid and sudden downturn in the market for many.
We have, of course, look closer and explain to you what happened. A summary of the possible reasons behind the Bitcoin price collapse and its possible consequences can be found in this article.

Ethereum rate of 8,000 USD? – Twitter Trader by turning

The Ethereum price is traded this year hot. 1 ETH Zurich costs a whopping 115 percent more than the beginning of the year.
In view of Ethereum 2.0 and the continuous growth in DeFi, the question of how the Ethereum course in the long term will perform it?
This question is dedicated to a number of traders on Twitter. The Trader by turning – figuratively speaking – completely. How seriously one should take the predictions at all and what courses are called, in what period of time? We will clarify in this article.

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Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto: An invention of the CIA?

Dear readers: Pack your Simple, because today, we dedicate ourselves to a Theory of ‘some other type’. Who puts this Thesis in the category of conspiracy theories, this was not resented.
In light of the recent events surrounding the Swiss company Crypto AG, the German Federal intelligence service (BND), as well as the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), we ask ourselves: Can it be that the Bitcoin Green Satoshi Nakamoto is an invention of the CIA?
The answer to this exciting question you will find in this article.

Ripple the Amazon of Crypto-world? Why the future of Ripple and XRP looks like, according to garling house rosy

The CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, spoke recently about the current state of Ripple, XRP, and the company’s plans for 2020.
The CEO gave some interesting Insights into his plans for Ripple and how he sees the project in the future positioned.
Why Garlinghouse came to the conclusion that Ripple wants to be in 5 years, to the Amazon of crypto industry, you can find out in this article.

Bitcoin Whale alert: 9.200 BTC on Bitfinex and Binance for the next Dump?

Hardly, it goes with the Bitcoin exchange rate slightly in the direction of the South, transferred large amounts of BTC on exchanges. Including, among other things, by a Bitcoin Whale.
This had ensured on Tuesday for some attention when he transferred approximately 9.200 BTC, the equivalent of about USD 90 million on the exchanges, Bitfinex and Binance.
We have looked at the Transfer of accurate and our assessment of how delivered, how this movement could impact on the Bitcoin price. Learn more in this article.

IOTA Hack Update – This measure is intended to protect against the total loss

IOTA was on 12. February, the victim of a hack. More precisely, was affected by the IOTA Foundation, launched Wallet “Trinity”.
The incident shocked the Community to the Mag, as on Recently, it was reported that users of the Wallet will open the Desktop Version of Trinity until Further notice.
Now it was towards the end of the week for more news. So a “Seed Migration Tool is to be used” by the users, in order to bring your Coins in safety, and to avoid a total loss. Who has carried out the Hack and how many tokens are gone, however, it remains to date unclear.
We have summarized all of the Updates on the current Situation in the case of IOTA and look, what is the impact on the IOTA course. What has been the result, you can read in this article.

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