Bitcoin for USD market capitalization?

After Bitcoin was the past 14 days in a price range from 6.500 to 7.300 Dollar, could BTC break on Friday the spell. With a price increase of 5 percentage points by the Bitcoin price broke the Resistance and listed to the current date at 7,500 USD. The related question of the crypto-enthusiasts are always busy, is: How high Bitcoin can go to?A former Goldman Sachs employee named Raoul Pal in this case bullish expresses. He expects that Bitcoin will be recording in the next two years, between 100,000 and 1 million US dollars. What are the reasons for Pal’s called and why he is so bullish, you can find out in the article.

Bitcoin market capitalization in the case of$?

Raoul Pal is a former employee of the world famous Bank Goldman Sachs. He has been living in the last 12 months of a transformation that literally as the ‘from Saul to Paul’ you can call. Because Pal has developed in the past year, becoming more and more a Bitcoin bull that was from Interview to Interview, is more optimistic compared to BTC.He speaks on his own website called the Global Macro Investor, once a month, on the macro-economic Situation. This he does but not in the Form of a pompous staged video interviews, but empirically, objectively and seriously in the Form of a Research report. This should be in such a report on Bitcoin talk, was Pal in the past few months, more and more clearly. And so he spoke also in the current report (source) about the global Situation and the relationship to Bitcoin.

Can Bitcoin keep rising? Pal is sure

First of all, we must hold on to the impressive rally of Bitcoin: while the most famous Cryptocurrency in the world was the beginning of practically worthless or only a few cents value, is the price now in the 4-digit range.Also if this is already a tremendous performance, attested Pal, Bitcoin, the potential for another trip. He said that BTC is in the making on a Bullrun in the next 2 years at$ 100,000 could rise. He even goes further and says that he could even imagine 1 million US dollars.

I think that Bitcoin will alone to rise in the next 2 years to $ 100,000. It could even go up to 1 million USD.

If we take this Figures as a benchmark, we get quickly a Bitcoin market capitalization in the amount of 2 to 20 trillion dollars. This number is exciting, as that is often the comparison of Bitcoin and Gold is made. Gold is currently at a market capitalization of around $ 9 trillion. We go on with the reasons.

What are the reasons for a rate increase?

Of course, Pal, it leaves not only with a pure, content-free statement. In addition to a Chart that showing in the Report, he calls the rise of the fundamental reasons for the potential course. He looks basically black for the classic financial market.He speaks in Particular about “the Failure of our money system,” or at least “a collapse of the current financial architecture.”In the Following Pal reasons is called the any Bitcoin Enthusiast well can understand: because He’s talking about the Motivation of Satoshi Nakamoto to create the BTC, and the associated benefits.

Bitcoin is a holistic System. It is trustworthy, safe, can be verified, and provides a financial and management system for digital assets. It is the future of our entire exchange system (engl. exchange system), as well as money itself.

At this point, I would like to share with you the following Part. Because Pal also talks about the consequences for the Portfolio and the question of how he prepares financially for the current Situation.Nevertheless, the very clear Disclaimer: This is merely the opinion of Pal. This is not a purchase and/or recommendation and does not reflect my opinion.Trade on the worlds leading Social Trading platform!Join the millions of people who have already discovered how it smarter to invest by copying the best investors in our Community, or be copied and as a result, a second income can be achieved. Start now!

Portfolio allocation of Pal: 25% BTC

Pal is a Veteran of wall street. He is a former Goldman Sachs Banker. In this respect, it is obviously interesting to see how he acts. The allocation (distribution) of free available assets, he says the following:

The allocation of all of my liquid funds, I personal aims, looks as follows: 25% in trading investments, 25% Cash in us dollars, 25% Gold and 25% in Bitcoin.

Also, in the past, Pal was already on an existing debate: many tradable assets are simply overvalued. So he said (before the start of the corona-crisis), for example, the following:a Lot of stocks are at their all time high. They are overrated and offer little return opportunities.(State)bonds are an interesting addition to the Portfolio. The yield is in many cases due to the policy of low interest rates almost at 0, and sometimes even below it.Real estate (also because of the low interest rate policy) is very expensive and for many private persons are not affordable.In particular, young people (Millennials) to meet this Dilemma, if you look in the direction of your pension. In his opinion, the solution to this challenge is an Investment in Bitcoin.

Do you want to position yourself to market in time?

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