Bitcoin grows more than Gold, Oil and stock market in 2019

After the rally of April the cryptocurrencies have suddenly regained the interest of the market. Bitcoin, after a poor 2018, this year is doing better than the Nasdaq, the real estate market, oil and gold.


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Bitcoin, as you know, has had a growth very important in the first days of April, passing in a short time from $4,130 to $5,300. From the rally, BTC has stabilised at around share of $5000, and oscillating between $4,800 and $5,300. Whereas on 1 January, 1 BTC was worth $3,760 the asset has had a growth of approximately 40%.


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This year, the oil was an asset of the highest level. The performance of the oil companies are very good thanks to the increase in the cost of crude oil, with a barrel that goes from $46,3 $63,4, an increase of 37% since the beginning of the year.

Oil prices were at historical lows following a drop in prices that occurred in 2014. Experts attribute low prices to a combination of factors, including oil production records in the United States, the high production in Saudi Arabia, the decline in global economic growth and a U.S. dollar very strong.

In 2019, according to CNBC, prices are once again increasing because of the growing demand thanks to the tightening of us sanctions against Iran, and Venezuela.

The stock market recovery after the collapse of Christmas

The three major indexes: the Nasdaq, the S&P 500 index, an index based on the market capitalization of the 500 largest u.s. companies, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are all in the double digits.

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The exceptional performance of the stock market comes after the collapse of Christmas. The sudden collapse was attributed to forecasts of a global economic slowdown by the Federal Reserve, the IMF and other leading agencies in the economic, in conjunction with the growing trade tensions between the United States and China.

The Nasdaq is scoring a +20.5% on an annual basis, +14% for the Dow and +16% for the S&P.

Real estate market

Also the real estate indexes have performed incredibly well. The investments by real estate investment trusts (REITS), which purchase buildings that produce income, such as office buildings, hotels, and other real estate assets, have shown impressive growth.

For example, the Vanguard Real Estate ETF (VNQ) is scoring a +17%:

etf vanguard

ETFF Vanguard

Evil gold


In the meantime, the main opponent of Bitcoin, considered to be the gold digital, is doing poorly in 2019. Investors typically buy gold to diversify your portfolio. On the basis of the data of the last 10 years, on average, the price of gold, increases of 4.8 percent per year.

From the beginning of the year, gold is doing poorly, even at a loss (-0.4%).


Let’s see a graph of the overall answer better ideas:

bitcoin aggregato

Thanks to the growth of April, Bitcoin becomes, temporarily, one of the best assets of 2019.

Not only that, based on historical data, the bitcoin is the asset best of the decade. Looking at minimum annual, from 2015, the BTC has grown from $185 to $365 to $780, to $3200 in 2018.



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