‘Bitcoin halving and the QE provides koersexplosie’

If you think that all of the computer events is at corona, cancelled, think again. When the Virtual Blockchain Week to speak with several prominent figures in the bitcoin and cryptowereld about the cryptocurrency’s. This bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem is a guest. He believes that the bitcoin halving, and quantitative easing by central banks will lead to a massive increase in the price of bitcoin, but in 2021.

Bitcoin halving is positive for the share price

When is a market said Shrem, over the recent past. “It’s fantastic that the bitcoin halving takes place during the outbreak of the corona virus, as this is truly a black swan event.”
A black swan is an unexpected event in which the economy is potentially enormous disruptive effect. In a pandemic, such as the feline corona virus is a good example of this, a lot of shops, restaurants and bars are all close and millions of people are losing their jobs.

Corona, in the long term is a good thing for bitcoin

But, Shrem believes that it is in the long term good news for bitcoin: “We’ve got two trillion dollars printed in the United States of america, people will soon spend this money. In addition, it will get people out of their unemployment benefits will most likely pass it on to the point that it is time to go to work. Because they are at home, they don’t really have the need to make a lot of money to spend on this.”
He continues: “in addition to the halving of the verkoopdruk half by the end of next week. A lot of miners are great people who are mining for the future, but also the costs that they have bitcoin to sell. Let’s imagine that this is verkoopdruk to suddenly be cut in half. What do you think is going to happen next?”
The company believes Shrem, not the price is right is going to increase. He believes that bitcoin is only really higher prices will be about a year or two:

I used to look at the data, and after the last halving doubling of the price is also not right. That didn’t happen until at least 2017, which is a year and a half later. But the miners are started, the clock is to start after the halving.”

What do you think? It drives the halving of the bitcoinkoers higher. Below you will find a video of the halving, it is:

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