Bitcoin halving is a fact!!! So what does this mean for you? – Breaking News

21:23) is the last block with a reward of 12.5 bitcoins gemined. The bitcoin block halving, it is a fact!!! Miners are now working on the first block with a reward of 6.25 bitcoins. In the next bitcoin block halving is only about four years.

Miners will feel it the most

Be the first to be affected by the halving are the miners. Prior, this bitcoin block halving was that the maximum cost of a single bitcoin to mine of about 7.800 usd.
Well, at least according to the model of Charles-Edwards’, private equity fund manager in the Capriole. With this, the maximum cost of all possible costs are taken into account, for example in energy costs, but also depreciation of equipment and salary of staff.
The resistance of an average energy price of 5 ¢ per kWh. Also, it looks to the average energy conversion efficiency of more than 60 different miningapparatuur. In addition, he has done research on the different costs that are miningbedrijven have to have in order to have a good estimate of the cost of production.
A reduction in the pay double the cost to set bitcoin to mine. Miners will have twice as much bitcoin to sell in order to have the same value in fiat currencies, it back to get it. In this case, the cost will be increased to 15.600 usd.
This provides for two possible scenarios:

The price of bitcoin doubles in the next few months. Miners who, as a buffer, and have barely been touched.
If that doesn’t happen, then some of the miners are forced to quit. The difficulty for bitcoin is to mine it drops, and with it the cost for mine.

In the run-up to the previous halving of 2016, and you could see actually, the two scenarios play out. Even before the halving increase the price of 436 dollars to 780 dollars. It wasn’t quite enough, because some of the miners are feared still at a loss. Some of the miners stopped using mine.
The share price fell by 20 per cent, and the level of difficulty was lowered, and for example, the bitcoin network is self-sustaining.

The price in the long term

But I think most of us are, of course, curious as to what the halving to have an impact on the share price. Miners will sell to the bitcoinbeloning, often at the cost of energy to cover, so it’s halving and has a direct impact on the solutions available on the market. And we all know that the price is determined by supply and demand.
The verkoopdruk will be after the halving is a bit lower, which can be seen in the table below.

Halving date
Bitcoin exchange rate
The daily production of BTC
The monthly sale of BTC, but in usd in the halving
The monthly sale of BTC, but in usd after halving

In may of 2020
8.700 dollars
1 800 to 900 BTC
469.800.000 dollars
234.900.000 dollars

In July of 2016
$ 250
To 3,600 1,800 BTC
70.200.000 dollars
35.100.000 dollars

In November 2012
$ 12
7.200 to 3.600 BTC
2.592.000 dollars
1.296.000 dollars

The question remains the same? The price is really nothing else to do than to rise. In our paper of Friday, you’ll read that the demand for bitcoin is high enough, for both small and large investors.
According to the model, of PlanB can be the price to increase to $ 100,000 next year. If it’s that far out? Who knows.

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