Bitcoin Halving the interest in Google at all-time high

After the tumultuous last few weeks in the markets it is currently almost a little too quiet around the Bitcoin exchange rate. Over the whole of April this moves in the range between 6600 and 7400 USD. He is currently listed at about 6850 USD. In the Wake of high volatility by means of the corona crisis and the speculation about the possible exits from the crisis, is the topic of Bitcoin Halving is already almost behind. For months it was the dominant issue for the year 2020 in the Crypto-field. But now the interest in the Event seems to be re-kindling, as an analysis of searches on Google shows. – What does this mean for the course?

Bitcoin Halving is now within reach

The Bitcoin Halving is pretty much the most influential event in the entire Crypto-sphere. Not only for BTC itself, but under the assumption that BTC pretending to be currencies of the the direction of for other Crypto, for the entire Crypto-market. All 4 years of the so-called “Block Reward” that the Miner Finding a block and the processing of transactions in the network get is halved.Linked to this is the fact that BTC is as an Asset “harder” and a higher Stock-to-Flow value is. After the next Bitcoin Halving this is already over 50 and after a further 4 years at over 100. BTC is the hardest asset in the history of mankind. The strong increases in the Bitcoin price over the last 11 years to be associated with this fact, and thus also with the Bitcoin Halving in connection.Even more gratifying is that the total of 3. Halving in the history of BTC is now in front of the door and Grasp is. Also, if there is no exact date for the Bitcoin Halving, because this is based after a certain number of blocks found, it is estimated that just 27 days until the Bitcoin Halving. So it would be at midday on the 12. May take place.Trading on our brokers comparison-winning eToro. You are looking for a reliable and intuitive Broker to trade crypto-currencies, CFDs, shares, Forex, commodities and more? Then let yourself be in our eToro Test in 2019 all of the features explain, what possibilities are given to you here and where is here the Before – and disadvantages are . eToro Test 2019 read now.

Interest in Google at all-time high

Suitable to the relevance of the Bitcoin Halvings, and the fact that it is now less than a month, seems to be also the interest to be on the increase. A good indicator to measure this interest, an analysis of searches for “Bitcoin Halving” in Google Trends.This shows that the interest in the Bitcoin Halving has not increased in the last few weeks, only very strong, but also that the search queries now even the previous all-time to surpass the high from the year 2016. In 2016, the last Block Reward Halving took place.

The Bitcoin exchange rate follows the searches?

The new all-time high in the searches for “Bitcoin Halving” is, in any case, bullish for the Bitcoin price. Whenever the interest around BTC rises, there will be people who (are investing for the first Time) in the Asset. So the purchase is increasing in entirety pressure. In addition, the fact that the Stock-to-Flow ratio of BTC is a clear argument for buying is set to double in mid-may, practically overnight.In addition, there are theories that are currently strong and profitable Miner to sell the majority of their through the Mining received BTC. In order to try to push the rate, and so less profitable Miner before the Halving off. This procedure is not confirmed, but it’s still a possible tactic for the miners of the Bitcoin Halving, which makes for an artificial selling pressure would disappear after the Event.How in the Crypto area known PlanB reported recently, BTC has currently the lowest RSI value (Relative strength Index) is in front of a Bitcoin Halving in the history of BTC. This would mean that the Asset is currently oversold. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin exchange rate continues to be a high likelihood of the development of the traditional markets.Nevertheless, many assume that BTC is the long term benefit of the “money printing Orgy”, as the billionaire Mike Novogratz called it recently. In this combination of macro-economic factors, the need to serve to BTC in the theory, and the Halving in 27 days, we can look back on a very exciting future for the asset.

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