Bitcoin has risen this month, a 32% target of 152,000 dollars until the end of the year?

Of January 2020 to an end, now a certainty: The Bitcoin reigns-the price is increased this month by 32%. One Analyst commented: Is the more every month so, is Bitcoin to the end of the year of 152,000 dollars. How likely is that?

Bitcoin is rising in January to 32%

In a Tweet, which has received thousands of Likes and responses, the Analyst and Bitcoin developer Crypto₿ull to the fact that Bitcoin has risen this month by 32%. He adds:

“If we go up this year, every month, to 32%, we are in December of 152,000 dollars.”

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This is quite a enlightening idea. Of course, there is no guarantee that BTC will repeat his success from January, each month this year.
And, of course, many of the answers in the Thread point to the fact that 32% per month “are unrealistic” and that “nothing goes in a straight line to the top”.
Crypto₿ull also writes: anyone Who is of the opinion that 32% per month sound like “madness”, is to simply look on 2017 back.

“In 2017, was $ 960. In December, BTC reached even 19.666 dollars – the equivalent of an average of 32% per month.“

More bullish voices in the choir

Maybe Crypto₿ulls calculations are’t so crazy after all. After all, more and more bull seem to have lately of voices in the choir to join.
Yesterday’s Coin reported Update-how Bitcoin could reach in the next few months, 28.000 Dollar, there is a Golden cross is imminent and the slide approaches the end of the 50-day average to the 200-day Ma. The last Time this happened in April 2019 and there is a 200% increase of the Bitcoin price followed.
In addition, Tom Lee of the Fund, observed, joined in this week, as the moving 200 day average comes into play. According to him, Bitcoin will be re-entering a bull market.

“Bitcoin is at 27.1. back above its 200-day moving average, a positive milestone, and the strengthening by the year 2020, the developed into a great year for $BTC has increased….“

And then the upcoming Bitcoin halving – is there an event that many believe that it will drive the price of Bitcoin still further, once people start, the crypto-currency number 1 to pile.
But let’s be honest. It is a very desirable, but it’s not exactly the most likely scenario is that BTC from month to month of such gains. However, no scenario is impossible – we are talking about crypto. As one of the followers of Crypto₿ull emphasized:

“32% each month, are unrealistic. Throw a couple of 78% for months… and you have a pot of bull no.“

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