Bitcoin: how Is giving away money in the short term?

We live in volatile days in the market of the Bitcoin, but always within the range of US$ 9,000 to US$ 10,000 dollars. In this scenario side we ask: how Is giving away money to BTC?

At the time of writing the price of Bitcoin traded at around US$ 9.500, exactly in the middle of the range that can’t get out for weeks.

If you are a trader in the short term, it is a perfect time to look for small movements in the price of the Bitcoin to make money.

How to make money with Bitcoin in the short term?

If you are a long-term investor, who relies on the technology Blockchain, especially in the case of Bitcoin, you can Hold and breathe easy. Now, if you like the adrenaline rush of short-term investments, this is the right time for you.

The goal of this post is not to make a convoluted explanation of how to make money with Bitcoin in the short term, but rather to tell which is the strategy that I am using from 2 weeks ago.

Strategy to invest in Bitcoin in the current context

Buy Bitcoin near the key support of us $ 9,000. A good entry point may be the US$ 9.100.When the price of BTC to rise up to US$ 9.600 close the position.Repeat the cycle until the BTC out of range of the 9,000 / $ 10,000.

The strategy is very simple and does not require a trader with experience. Orders can be scheduled in the exchanges / brokers, and you desentiendes, everything is done automatically.

In the graph below can be seen as the price of Bitcoin in the last 3 weeks he has played at least 3 times the minimum of$ 9,000, for then to rise in all cases above US$ 9.600.

Graph with the price of BTC for the last 2 weeks

By applying the strategy mentioned before would have to win in all 3 cases, giving an interesting return, especially if the investment is done with financial leverage.

If you want to make the investment and keep the Bitcoins in your power I recommend the exchange of Binance. On the other hand, if you are looking to use financial leverage, taking risks to seek high returns quickly, you can use the online broker Plus500.

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