Bitcoin impressed: BTC whale moves 57.577 BTC ($415 million!) for just five dollars

There are no Bank comes with: A Bitcoin-whale has just 57.577 BTC to the value of around $ 415 million (!) from an external Wallet to Bittrex transfer. The fee for the Transfer amounted to a mere $5.
In the case of large Bitcoin Transfers, it has given today an upward trend, which fueled rumors in the crypto-sphere. Whale Alert (@whale_alert) reported that BTC is worth about $ 313 million from Bittrex was lifted.
However, a further massive Transfer of BTC on just-chain registers – which in turn was deposited with Bittrex. So a whale has far 57.577 BTC (415 million dollars) from an unknown Wallet and Bittrex paid.
The total fee for the transaction was, as already mentioned, only $5.

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What’s up with the BTC whales to yourself?

The Transfer for various reasons it was strange. Interestingly, the transaction came to a total of 19 Bitcoin addresses, each with a different amount of BTC. They landed all in this recipient’s address, which now contains the 57.577 BTC.
The address of around 54 recorded transactions appear to be active, but was created only recently. The first recorded transaction was on 27. November 2019, and probably belongs to Bittrex.
Whale Alert does not mark the address as one of Bittrex, but the thing is so clearly. The On-Chain-analyzer had initially claimed that it was an “unknown Wallet”, corrected the but.
The Deposit, particularly in view of the fact it is strange that just 313 million $ BTC were lifted from Bittrex. Some of the funds that had lifted the whale early today from Bittrex, have been returned from this address on Bittrex.
This may indicate that both of these massive Transfers, can hang with Bittrex together yourself – or someone just plays games on the Blockchain to start the Bots.
Although a fee of five dollars for a wire Transfer at a value of 415 million dollars for any Standard impressive, they let in comparison to a transaction from last week: As a User moved a proud of 46,000 BTC ($337M) for a fee of only $0.40 each. is a pure information platform, created to the best of our Knowledge and belief content. Completeness, accuracy, timeliness, and accuracy cannot be guaranteed, this is also true for exchange rate movements and information. On Coin Update published content, opinions, information, etc. are used exclusively for Information purposes and are not geared to individual requirements investment advice, and not knowledgeable. The published content neither buy nor sell recommendations by financial instruments, nor are they to be understood as a guarantee or warranty of certain price movements. The analyses, opinions, estimates, information or simulations to the historical price or value development of a financial instrument, as well as forecasts for future events, or developments, of the financial instruments presented are not reliable and sound indicators of value development. Historical events are not a guarantee of future profits. Forecasts also contain unforeseeable risks and factors that can be estimated from the outset, never a hundred percent. This may lead to actually occurring events, price movements and other factors that differ considerably from the on Coin Update published information. In addition, obliged to Coin Update, to keep track of the forecasts, or be adapted later on. Investments in digital currencies are associated with high risk, the total loss cannot be ruled out and is possible at any time. The use of the information in this media platform is at the user’s own risk. The contents of the Coin-Update are only opinions and are not subject to any quality control, as a basis for decision-making, in particular for the financial investment, or investment that is suitable, and are intended solely for General Information and discussion. In the case of Coin-Update is not investment advice, purchase or sale recommendations or make informed predictions about the value of development. The content published on Coin Update, this represents only the opinion of the author or authors. The contents do not constitute advice in the broadest sense, and is no substitute for individual legal or tax advice.

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